Jabra Enhance Pro 20 same as ReSound Nexia 9?

I am looking for my second pair of hearing aids and went to Costco. Are Jabra Pro 20’s really exactly the same as the Resound Nexia 9’s? That’s hard to believe given the difference in price. I assume the Jabra’s are using the same technology but with lower quality components. Am I wrong?

Yes they are the same HAs. What does differ is Costco does not do tinnitus support for any of their HAs even though the feature is there. They also do not do Bi CROS. I have mild to severe on the left ear and mild to moderate hearing loss in the right ear.

Costco fits my hearing loss well. I do not think they do profound hearing loss however… I love mine.

And yes, the top tier ReSound Nexia 9s are the same as the Jabra Enhance Pro 20s.

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Glad to hear from someone who has them. The only ones I heard from were Costco. Obviously they are going to say they are identical. Nobody was able to tell me if they are made in the same plant as Resound. With Costco’s return policy, I am fine with trying them but I read a lot of reviews where the HA’s quit working shortly after the return window closed.

Audiologists say they are the same, based on using the same programming software

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They are close cousins, but not exactly the same. For most folks, they are probably close enough.

I wouldn’t think the components are inferior. The hearing aid manufactures don’t want a bunch of warranty claims. Plus Costco has such a long trial period.

One reason you may see Jabra issues more often is because of the large number of folks using and referring to Costco here. I believe Costco is the second largest provider of hearing aids in the USA after the VA.


I believe they are exactly the same. I have Resound One 9 aids and had the Jabra Pro both at the same time. Everything appears exactly the same and the same programming software works on both aids. I could not hear any difference at all. Jabra receivers fit Resound aids and Resound receivers fit the Jabra. The only difference i could see was the Resound aids came with tinnitus enabled where with the Jabra’s the tinnitus setting was not enabled as mentioned



There are multiple models of Nexias and only 1 app in the app stores, so the end user apps (IOS ad Android) serve multiple Nexia models. I believe there is one fitting app for all the Nexia models.

The Omnia 7s have fewer adjustment options than the 9s. The EP10s have the same number of options as the Omnia 9s. That doesn’t prove the EP10 are Omnia 9s.

The same receivers work on all levels of the Omnias and Jabra EP10s.

I, too, believe the EP 10s are the same as Omnia 9s and the EP 20s are the same as Nexia 9s, but I also believe we have highly suggestive circumstantial evidence, that’s all.

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They are exactly the same which has been reported countless times on the forum, ok so Jabra are rebranded ReSound models.

Its confirmed 100% they are the same, Jabra DO NOT make HAs everything is made and supplied by GN ReSound, just for your reference Beltone are also exactly the same as Jabra/ReSound models.

They are identical, they even use the EXACT same software called SmartFit.

Please show your source for this statement.


We know:

Jabra Pro 10s and Resound Omnias and Jabra Pro 20s and ReSound Nexias use the same fitting software, user control software. accessories, receivers.

Omnia 3, 5, and 7 use the same s/w, accessories, receivers as the the Omnia 9s and EP10s.

Nexia 3, 5, and 7 use the same s/w, accessories, receivers as the Nexia 9s and EP20s.

The support info for Jabra is the same as the support info for ReSound. When I was at Costco 10 days ago, I saw stuff with ReSound branding on it. Very few people doubt that Jabras are rebranded ReSounds. But no one has conclusively proven which ReSounds…

It’s important to know how one knows things. It’s crucial to understand the difference between knowledge and belief. Journalists, at least before the age of 24 hour updates, used to be required to have 2 independent sources for their reports. It was assumed that ‘2 independent sources’ meant something like ‘2 independent sources who have first hand knowledge’.

A corollary is that it doesn’t matter how many people without first hand knowledge make an assertion. People without first hand knowledge just don’t know.

A lot of people make claims on the 'net. I think it’s really important to examine those claims carefully.

I don’t claim that the EP 20s are Nexia 9s. I don’t claim the EP 20s are NOT the Nexia 9s. As stated, I believe the EP 20s are Nexia 9s - but all we’ve got is circumstantial evidence.

If I’ve missed posts by ReSound engineers, I may owe everybody an apology.

This is important. One of the reasons societies all over the world are being torn apart is that people believe lots of attractive lies instead of reading critically. Surely believing an opinion about Jabras is a fact is a very different from believing, say, that it’s necessary to murder neighbors who speak a different language or observe a different religion, but … we’ll all be better off if we stop conflating opinion with fact. Wishful thinking, I know…


Tenkan, without getting into an argument, it is you who claim they are identical. I don’t know. Show your source.

Oh me, ok so the most obvious real world ,is that they use the same software and are made by the same manufacturer use the same parts and use the exact same accessories, even the App is the same, here’s a screenshot, you’ll notice the GN badge of honour!

Plus the FCC ID is by GN.

I think I can say they are the same unless you have something to show they are not ; )

Well I just don’t know what to say, I mean your “belief” that maybe they could be “something else” because you haven’t seen/read anything that the “ReSound engineers” say is… I mean you only know what you don’t know right?
You don’t want to “believe” the facts in front of you and that’s ok, an opinion is fine and your entitled to it, but trying hard to discredit what’s in front of you is not doing anyone any favours, but just wanted to say again they are the 9’s



This only proves that Jabra is owned by GN. It doesn’t prove that Nexia and Jabra are identical.

As Philbob57 says we only have circumstantial evidence. Nothing more.

Ha ha that’s so funny, what it actually proves is your not exactly sure what to make of it, but ok then please share your inside knowledge of how Jabra is a completely different and new HA to the masses, I’m interested!

When I joined this group, I thought it would be more civilized but I was wrong.

I am rephrasing (adding a bit) what was said and have no knowledge on any specifics.

The parts that can be seen are the same. There appears to be no information showing any differences between the two including accessory, software compatibility and same parent company.

Manufacturing costs for both would be lower if both are totally the same plus less development cost/testing, product support, stocking parts, less emplyees…

They very well maybe the same product.


Hold up, everything is okay, your welcome to debate your views, certainly don’t let anything I say get in the way of that.

As do I. And I have seen no evidence to the contrary. Nor have I seen any evidence to the contrary from anyone else. Nor do I expect to.

I don’t understand your intransigence. Except for one argument, everything about the 9s and the EP x0s is true for the 3s, 5s, and 7s. The one thing that’s unique to the EPs and the 9s is the number of variations for some controls (noise suppression, for example, IIRC - 5 levels for 9s, 4 levels for 7s).

But those are likely to be just s/w switches. It’s usually cheap and easy to alter s/w switches to differentiate products from each other. Maybe EP10s and 20s are slightly souped up 7s made to look like 9s. But maybe the Jabras, 7s, 5s, and 3s are all just detuned 9s.

I haven’t seen any memo from engineering to marketing explaining what ReSound is doing. Inthe absence of that sort of definitive document, I don’t know what’s going on with ReSound production. You don’t know, either, but you insist that you do. How come?

Note that I agree with you in believing EPx0s to be the same as ReSound 9s. It’s just that I know it’s an opinion, and you keep pushing it as a fact.

There’s a lot of junk science. Pushing opinions as facts is one way to support junk science. That’s why I belabor this point.

Please do not respond with nothing more than you have now. What you have does not support anything more than a guess. Bring us something new that proves you do, in fact, know that Pro 20s are identical to Nexia 9s except for external branding.

Jabra’s HAs do not seem to be discussed in the '23 annual report. There’s a hearing division and a consumer/gaming division. Jabra is discussed in the 2nd area - but not Jabra HAs.

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No wrong ,the 9 and Jabra has more features in the noise reduction, expansion and wind guard settings over the 5 and 7’s they also have more channels (17)

So what, who cares if it’s cheap or not, doesn’t make any difference but it’s what makes Jabra the same as the 9!

Again no " maybe" we already know the 3,5,7 are “detuned” because they have less features AND less channels.

Ha, what makes you think they’d do this, no one does that, you reckon they should be putting together papers explaining “the inside workings” of how they manufacturer/sell Jabra to Costco? Your dreaming.

Finally you got something right.

Have you heard that old saying, I can’t see the forest through all the trees?

More then an “opinion” i can only go with the facts that are already available, you have presented nothing more than your own opinions expressed, nothing…not one thing.

Come on, give everyone just one piece of evidence to support your opinion, I can’t agree more there’s a ton of “junk science” out there especially in this regard.

Excuse me, you don’t decide who replies to your posts, this is a public place for everyone, my points have been made.
Your posts “smell like a troll”

Your definitely trolling here…

Say what, what does this prove? oh nothing right just thought you’d throw in another “opinion”

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