Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Bluetooth disconnect issues

I am on a Pixel 6a. “Compatible” does not mean that you can do hands-free calling!
A simple test will show you:
Get on the phone with someone, then put your Pixel in your backpocket, or walk away from it into another room. Then decide if you want to keep them.

I am also having issues with the Bluetooth LE audio on my Pro 20’s and Samsung S23 Ultra. LE stays connected even when the aids are in the charger, yet they can’t pick up a phone call fast enough to keep me from fumbling to turn off bluetooth so I can hear the caller. You can turn off LE audio, but then they don’t stream, just communicate with the app. I think they rushed these to market to be the first. I am hoping for a firmware update to get this working right. :unamused:

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Yea, same issue with Resound One’s,.the equivalent to the Jabra Enhance Pro. Just when it starts working well, i get a Samsung or T-Mobil update, and back to working pitiful again.
Does anyone have a auracast compatible phone and the new Pro 20? I would buy new aids and a new Samsung s23 if i believed it worked as described, but i already feel burned by this connection issue and dont trust Resound/Jabra to speak the truth. If you ask them, standard bt works great, which we know is a total lie.
My TV streamer works great though, and is 100% connected any time i tutn in my TV.

Hi MLS. I have Resound One/Jabra Enhance Pros that I purchased online through Lively (on sale, and very good experience which I plan to post about another time). However I too had disconnect issues. Multiple times during the day, I would get a notification that one or both of the HAs was disconnected. At the time I was using a Samsung Galaxy S10.

You have not indicated which version of Android OS you have. If you have version 12 or lower, that is most likely the problem. There is a known issue with older versions of Android and Lively even provides a “work around” in their documentation. It involves, as you mention, re-pairing the phone and HAs. It turns out the work around is overkill, and all I did to resolve was to turn on airplane mode, turn off Bluetooth, turn airplane mode off and turn Bluetooth back on. Never had to “reboot”, pair and un-pair anything.

I have since upgraded to Samsung S21 with Android 13 (upgrade to 14 imminent). I have not had a single disconnect since running Android 13 for several months. I do notice occasionally some “wonky-ness” when streaming where left side or right side will briefly cut out but then quickly comes back. This does not happen often however and it’s no big deal.

I don’t have any accessories for TV etc.; I just use cordless headphones over the aids if I need to keep TV sound to myself.

Good luck.

Interesting since i have the same phone and aids and currently have bt issues everyntime i try to use. It was working well for the last 6 months or so, but after an update, its just pitiful and frustrating. I even filed a complaint with the feds for medical devices that dont preform as advertised or claimed. I received a reply they are looking into it, but wont hold my breath since its government.

Maybe you should file a complaint with the feds for phone devices that don’t work as advertised, too. My iPhone 14 Pro Max with iOS 17.2 works great with my ReSound Omnias. Maybe it’s your phone and Google and not your HAs?

Bluetooth® LE Audio Streaming & Auracast™
Jabra Enhance Pro 20 hearing aid users with compatible Android smartphones*, can connect to the next generation Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast broadcast audio. Bluetooth LE Audio provides enhanced performance with hands-free calls. Auracast broadcast audio will enable new audio experiences in private and public places, making the world more hearing friendly and accessible for everyone.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 is the industry first hearing aid to connect to Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast. Users with compatible Android devices can gain immediate access to both hands-free calling and Auracast broadcast functionality.

*Hands-free calling and Auracast broadcast audio works with Jabra Enhance Pro 20 and compatible mobile devices with Bluetooth 5.3 or later and the latest Bluetooth LE Audio streaming protocol.

Compatible Jabra hearing instruments:
Jabra Enhance Pro 20

Compatible Android devices:
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S23 +
Samsung Galaxy S23


I have the 20s and a Samsung S23 ultra running android 14. I can occasionally get the LE Audio to work, but not reliably. Every time I try to answer a phone call, I have to switch to speaker phone in frustration. Trying to stream anything sometimes works but only after a massive amount of fooling around. NOT ready for prime time. Firmware fix is the only hope.


Thanks so much for your experience. I almost pulled the trigger on the Pro 20 and a new S23. But being that Resound already oversold BT on the One’s, i dont trust their claims at all. Butn me once, shame on them. Burn me twice, shame on me. I would be returning them asap if i had the same experience you have. Costco even admitted that there is not much software difference between the Pro and Pro 20.

I fully understand the desire to stay away from Apple/iphone. But I have had an iPhone since the 6+ came out (now using an 11) JUST because the bluetooth is consistent with both my OLD Resound aids and my current Signia aids. I have set the Google apps as my “defaults” on the iphone so I never use the Apple Apps. Most of the time that works transparently. Occasionally I have to delete the app (contacts) and reinstall it to make it totally sync with my Google account.
But have NO blue tooth issues. And I still use both phones and both sets of aids since I listen to audio books on the old phone with the old aids at night when the current aids are charging!!

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Same issue with my Resound Linx Quattro and Pixel 6. Turning of bt and listening to the speaker is the quickest fix.

MLS, I had trouble with my Pixel 6 when I first got my Jabra EPs. They worked fine originally and then a couple of months later they just stopped pairing. I made an appt, with my tech at Costco and she had to pair them through “the back door”, not through the app. They worked but I never trusted them again. I was running 13 at the time.

When the Pixel 8 came out I got the Pro, have had no problem pairing them or staying connected. Pixel 8 came with 14 installed so I did not have to upgrade. Good luck!

Well I have the pro 20 and an s23 and I’ve tried everything to get reliable connection without any luck. Sorry.

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Yeah honestly that sucks, they’ve had so much time to get this right, why rush it out halfway, you probably already know it’s a known issue with other previous versions as well.
I don’t have much issues with the Ones I have, but lots of others complaining as in @mr.smithster says.

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The Hearing Aid Specialist at Costco did ask about the phone and during the fitting we did several phone calls, incoming and outgoing to test functionality of the HA and App. The Jabra’s do not yet support using the HA microphones for the conversation, but I’m fine with that.
The problem that I’ve had using Pixel 4a with Android 14 is that the Bluetooth connection, while it technically persists as far as the App’s functionality (program selection, volume adjustment, …) is concerned the streaming audio from the phone does not persist. Streaming from a video on the phone works without issues. It is only the Bluetooth streaming from the phone that drops out.

I had the same experience of connection issues with Jabra. Returned them and have no problem with Phonak. Phonaks use the solid classic Bluetooth, not the Android ASHA technology.

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Thanks for the feedback. Please let me know how rhe battery life is with your Phonak aids. And how do the aids compare for comprehension and general sounds? Dont mean to hijack this thread but if LE isnt ready for primetime we need good all around alternatives. Tnx

I never had a problem with battery life, so I never had a closer look.
Apparently there will be another improvement coming to LE next year sometime.
Until then - have Android, go Phonak.

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My next aids are Costco or used. I can self program but need molds too. Costco dumped Phonak because of charging issues so i will stay away. With my loss and using power receiver i need a solid 16+ hours of charge with streaming calls for work and using my TV streamer.

I self programmed and had ear molds made through Lloyd’s.
They were great.