Jabra Enhance Plus Reviews - Anyone using them?

We created a new product page here, which includes a couple expert reviews …

Wondering if anyone in our forums has used the product?

I now have them, Abram, and am in my first week of use. Generally, I like them, for certain aspects of my (simple) life. I’ll keep in touch. I hope to see some further discussion of them, if/when more people move away from traditional BTE HAs and try some new designs.

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When I am logged in to the forum and click on the link, the artcle is obscured by a Subscribe link. But my Profile has a section for that site too

I am confused.

I returned my Jabra Enhance Plus’s. I have two other products that work well for me. The Jabra Enhance Plus is a well-made product, but I concluded I didn’t need it. As their adverts show, they are designed for socially active/working people who take many phone calls, listen to a lot of music/etc, and eat in restaurants, none of which describes me.