Itchy ears!

Hi everyone, I bought a pair of bernafon Chronos 9 CIC aids from Costco about 9 months ago or so. They work really good & are hypo allergenic & are clear looking heavy plastic style…I have been dealing with VERY itchy ear canals now for about 6 months or so…have done some research & found that my ears could be very dried out. I really don’t ever see any wax in them when I clean them out with a Qtip. I mean they really are very clean & these aids stop any wax from forming…was wondering if anyone ever deals with this…there are some days when they itch so bad I feel like taking a long skinny stick & scratch them!!! LOL
Anyone have a solution?

My dermatologist recommended Scalpicin Maximum Strength. I have also used Hydrocortisone Cream 1%. Both work for me for similar itch problems. I apply both with a q tip.

I have applied a very very small amount of Olive oil at night before going to bed.

It seems to have helped.

You can use Eargene, Miracell or Audiologist Choice Anti Itch Creme. Keeping the HA’s clean also helps.

Ear wax in moderate amounts protects against itching. Your aggressive campaign against earwax may be contributing to the problem. Use only a q-tip loaded with one of those moisturizers listed. Never a dry q-tip. There could also be a fungal infection. Several of those ointments should take care of that.

witch hazel on a q-tip works for me.