Itchy ear


I have Oticon hearing aids. I have been wearing them for about 6 months. I really enjoy them, but in the last two or so weeks, they have caused my ear to be rather itchy when they are in and, at times, afterwards if they have been in my ears for awhile. Would anyone have any solutions for this or why? I’m wondering if I got some sort of infection or something…around the time it started, I had 4 longer flights over about a week for travel for work and then vacation and my ears popped constantly, that has been the only thing different.

You might have either wax in your ears or an outer ear infection, possibly fungal (which can itch like hell). Have your Gp look in your ear. Your middle ears seem to be working well, considering they were popping normally.

Try Miracell

Clip: “but in the last two or so weeks, they have caused my ear to be rather itchy”. No, it’s not the HAs that are causing the itchiness. The enemy of ear canals is moisture, which provides a nice Petri dish for incubating bacteria and fungi. Moisture can be introduced in any number of ways, limited only by your imagination, but showering, face-washing and adjacent perspiration (sometimes but not always) coupled with contaminated hearing aids are the main causes.
Buy a Dry-and-Store; the one with the UV light, buy some appropriate ear drops, and plug your ears while showering. These measures will go a long way in the right direction. In case you haven’t noticed, ENT doctors are not so quick to flush out ear wax anymore, fishing it out with a tool instead to encourage a dry canal.
Good luck.

Ear wax can become shoved into your ear thus blocking your ability to hear properly. The motion of putting a hearing aid into your ear, for some people, pushes the ear wax in deeper into your ear eventually causing a build up, thus a blockage. For a normal hearing individual this usually doesn’t happen. Remember, shoving something into your ear, day after day and then leaving it there for hours is not normal and is bound to have some kind of consequences. But dry and store may also aid with itchy air. I use both dry and store and miracell.

Miracell and eargene both work well…

Ditto, I buy it, I use it, I like it.

keep you hearing aid clean

clean at least the surface of the aid that comes in contact with you skin clean by using alcohol wipes each day.

bacteria will live on the surface of your hearing aid and decompose the dead skin and other organic matter that rests upon it and in doing so exude acids and toxic materials, these will react with your skin and cause irritation.

wash out your hearing aid box too!

I have been wearing hearing aids since I was 11…today, I am 33…I know that moulds are annoy…and I currently wear ITE hearing aid… everyday I always clean my ear…I believe why because there isn’t any air in the ear for to breath…as I have one aid in the ear and the other one is unaided…(profounded loss) My unaided ear isn’t itchy, as the one I wear is…alot…I am constant cleaning my ear and my hearing aid everyday…so I have put up with it…there is nothing u can do to stop it…but clean your ears and aids all the time… I do feel like a dog…really want to get inside my ear and get the itches out…hahah…