Itchy ear

I have been wearing my new BTE aids for 4-6 hours a day. The left ear gets itchy in the ear and the earlobe gets warm to the touch. I have changed down to a medium dome and the right ear is pretty good. Do not really know its there. Is it possible I need a small dome in one ear and a medium in the other? Could I be having a reaction to the dome material? Its a Resound tube and dome.

Try Miracell. It’s an ointment that you use sparingly. It can be purchased online.

It is entirely possible to need different size tips in both your ears. I would try Miracell first. Most times, thats all that is required.

Good luck!

dr. amy

Using the hearing aid conditioner or dryer helps with itchy ears. I had a problem with my right ear and later only on my left. I started using the conditioner and never had a problem with itchy ears.

I second that on using Miracell. I also had terrible trouble with itchy ear canals. Until I tried Miracell, the only thing that worked was cortisone cream…not recommended but it worked. Much safer using the Miracell. I have yet to try it as a lip balm. Everything so far causes my lips to react to the material in the lip balm. Going back to the itchy ears, I also tried various other creams such as Burts Bees, Otoease, Otocreme, vitamin E cream they all made the itch worse. All I do with the Miracell is put the tiniest drop on one finger and apply it to the ear mold just before inserting it. Make sure you don’t get any in the sound passage of the hearing aid. In practice, this is not a problem at all. The consistency is that of olive oil. Oh yes I tried olive oil as well…didn’t work either. :slight_smile:

Once agin thanks to all who answered my query. I will give it a try.