Itchy ear domes

I’ve only been wearing my hearing aids for two weeks, but I think I’m allergic to the little ear domes because my ear canal gets so itchy I have to take them out periodically to scratch. Nothing severe has developed, yet, but I wonder if it might get worse. I’m allergic to latex and everything else for that matter (severe year round seasonal allergies, pets, etc). I don’t know what these are made of, yet, but the h.a.'s are Oticons. Will it be hard to find domes that are hypoallergenic? I read the other posts here stating that different creams, etc. might help, but I just don’t think that little bit of soft material would be causing so many problems if I weren’t allergic to it. But who knows.:confused:

Try a little Miracell, it will help alot, my HIS gave me a bottle. I know you order on-line.

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Like you, I have reacted to those little domes. They are made of silicone. I have tried the domes, and molds of hypoalergetic silicone, and reacted to both with burning, itching ear canals. I tried molds made of hypoalergetic acrylic, and reacted to them as well. I am now trying polyethylene, and while I haven’t reacted to it, have been having difficulty getting a comfortable fit that I can ware. Don’t know what my, or your, solution will be, but keep trying until your find something that your body will tolerate in your ear canals. The skin there appears to react differently then the skin on my nose, where I have silicone nose pads which I wear without any problems. I am working with a local Costco where they are willing to try multiple materials for the one original mold charge to locate a material that will work. Wish you luck on your search.

I do not have the problem of allergies to the domes but I still get the itching due to the domes moving around in the canal. I am hoping that when I see my audi on Thursday that we can take care of this. Either larger domes or custom Rite molds. My recievers will not stay in the canals the way they should. Also my audi did not provide the ear grips and I will be putting all of this on the table and saying that something has to be done.

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In addition to using Miracell, from time to time I also use very SPARINGLY cortisone cream once or twice a day for about 2 days by which time the itch goes away. I use the Miracell every day and for the most part stops the itch.

My ear canals itched when I first used ear domes. The audiologist assured me they were not made of latex. We changed to a smaller size dome and the itching went away.

do you clean your dome at least once a day? if I had one of these types of aids, which I don’t, I would wipe the domes with alcohol at least once a day.

I also recently got hearing aids and thought the same thing. Then I noticed that the speaker wires are too long, so the aids were not fitting well and were just a constant irritation. I could not have the hearing aids for more than half an hour without needing to scratch. Once they changed the speaker wires from 3 to 2, I do not feel as if I’m wearing any aids. It is night and day. Have your audi look at the length of the wire…