Itchy dry ear canal

A cool setting on the hairdryer or fan can work. If the itching doesn’t settle, steroid drops can help manage it.

DO NOT put any alcohol in your ears. I recently came across medical info regarding the effects of alcohol in the ear. it seems alcohol passes through the eardrum fairly easily and damages the inner ear. it can actually kill the hair cells in the cochlear. There are a lot of ear drops that contain isopropyl alcohol and it seems isopropyl passes through the ear drum more readily than any other form of alcohol.


I also have itchy ears and wear hearing aids. My ENT said that itchy ears is very common in his experience. I don’t seem to produce any ear wax. If I use a dry Q-Tip, especially with the left ear, I get what looks like dry, flaky skin/wax come out. I found it actually would clog up the small hole in the ear bud tip of the Aid. LOL Just removed the tiny piece of crust from the Aid tip and the Aid started working again. The ENT said to wear ear plugs while taking a shower. He also gave me a prescription for a cream called: Clotrimazole and Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream USP, 1% / 0.05% (base) - if you can grasp all that. LOL Once a day seems to work.

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Clotrimazole is an anti-fungal. Betamethasone Dipropionate is a steroid related drug for itch/irritation. It should help calm the tissues in your canal. IANAD. Your mileage may vary, etc.



I got myself a bottle of microcell and it is great. I put a very small drop on my ear molds when I but my aids in and done have any itching all day.


Same here, but no smell. My ENT prescribed Fluocinolone Acetonide Oil .01% ear drops. It calls for 5 drops per side but for me one drop in the itchy ear works great. I use it only when I have an itch and use my finger tip to spread it around. Sometimes dead skin comes out. Side benefit: my ENT finds it much easier and quicker to remove wax from the oiled side. Post showering I use extra fat “safety” qtips to dry before inserting ha. Insurance pays for the oil.


The Miracell dispenser doesn’t work well for the contents. I’ve tried two times putting drops in my ear. First time so little came out, could barely tell anything came out.
Second time I squeezed the bottle a bit more and waited until I could hear/feel that it got in. When i tilted my head to let it flow out my ear, a ton of the miracell flowed out. Next day, my ear was completely muffled the entire day I thought maybe I destroyed my ear; I even tried cleaning it out with water and still muffled. Couple days later, it seems my ear shed a large chunk of skin.

Before the above adventure, I had some neomycin/polymyxin/dexamethasone (antibacterial/steroid) I was prescribed before when an aid scratched up my ear. This calmed my ear down.

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Costco gave me a bottle of this stuff for free - and I found that using it as above on the receiver dome, or even just putting a single drop on my little finger and rubbing it in my ear every few days, seems to do the trick nicely. :+1:


Rough time.

Itchy ears. Sore right ear. I’ve used hearing aids for over 20 years. Why now?

Medicine change? Cardiologist added a cholesterol pill. End of May. And took me off a beta blocker. That was a good thing.

I see my hearing aid special tomorrow.

I’m coping using a medium power dome instead of the large power domes used for last 6 months

@DaveL, have you ever tried something like ProEar by Miracell (Amazon)? A small drop on my power domes in the morning has made all the difference for my soreness and itchy ears.

I wish you the best with your appointment tomorrow!.

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Could the larger dome have aggravated it? If it’s due to fit, using moisturiser can make it worse if it’s not due to dry skin. I had it from a new mould & it developed over months. It took steroids, resting it and a new fit type to settle it back down.

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I have two dry and itchy ear canals. I use steroid drops (Mometasone furoate, prescribed by my ENT) twice a week and ProEar by Miracell every other day - a couple of drops directly into the canal before bed and a drop on the dome in the morning just before insertion.

My ears feel much better .



I’m looking forward to my appointment. He knows his stuff.

I’ll look for the ear drops. I searched Amazon Canada. 42 bucks and tax.

Thanks for your help!


I looked carefully at the Large Power Dome I had in my right ear. Its shape was irregular. It wasn’t circular. That wouldn’t help

My ears feel better with a Medium Power Dome. But the feedback is horrendous.

I’ll learn more tomorrow. I’ve gained time going down a size



Great idea Jordon!
I would need a referral to an ENT.
I’ll check with my Family Doc.

Been about a year plus since my hospital procedure. She is excellent. I’ll check with her.


Look for the small bottle. It lasts a long time.


Best of luck! Let us know how it works out.

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I couldn’t find Miracell locally, but could find Hyland’s Dry Ear Relief. The ingredients are very similar but in different proportions. It does not seem to work that well for me and I still get itchy ears that flake. Has anyone else used Hyland’s and has it worked as well as Miracell for you?

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I use a mixture of vinegar and alcohol when my ears start to itch. Was told to use this from my audi. I make my mixture at home and store it in a bottle that has an eye dropper.
When my ears start to itch, I put a few drops in my ear. I usually do this at night before bed and let it dry naturally.
Works for me.


According to what I have read @Laura_B
Dexamethasone is a long-acting, systemic corticosteroid; its potency is about 25 times greater than the short-acting products . I don’t see any alcohol in the ingredient’s, but there may well be some? In all truth, many Doctors, here in the UK, are very reluctant to give you this Otomize, most probably because of the Steroidal content? It is, without a shadow of doubt, the most effective ear spray, I have ever used! Cheers Kev :wink: