ISOF soft (thermal) full molds Oticon Intent 105dB receivers

Anyone here know of a source for soft full (thermal) molds, (Vario-them, Oto-therm, or similar)
but specifically, that can be provided w/ the Oticon Intent 105dB receivers,

I don’t have high hopes to find a source that would do small, retail, 1 end-user quantities
but perhaps they might exist, (probably, they would need to have the (Intent) 105dB receivers
on hand themselves already)

Even if the source cannot do retail quantities, I would perhaps try to find a (oticon) HA provider
this source already works with, and try to work it out from that angle.

The (US) VA is not an option for me, unless perhaps one of of their
audiologists has a side-gig going ,

I wear Oticon aids, in fact my INTENT1 aids are at the clinic now, for what i can find out the acrylic ear molds is all that is available for the 100db and 105db receivers. I wear skeleton ear molds as they keep my ear molds in place and i have no feedback at all. My audiologist tried to get therm ear molds for me but they are only available for 85db or less receivers. Now can your audiologist get something eles from another source other than Oticon I don’t n
Know but don’t think so.

To buy 105dB receiver in Amazon/eBay is difficult, so it is hard to get the special soft molds shown in the specification sheet of Oticon HA’s. The best I could get is Grip dome for trial (just like the tip (1 cm) of the silicon mold). You might have to order from Oticon HA provider. Check it out and compare the price with a silicon or acrylic mold.

Oticon will not sell the 105dB receivers without them supplying them with custom moulds and these are acrylic.

I used to have silicone ear moulds before switching to miniRITEs a year ago with Oticon Real and now Intent so was quite unsure about having acrylic and I have canal lock ones with my Intents, which are absolutely fine and very comfortable. And they don’t discolour after a while either which is another bonus!

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for a full lab, you can check Westone. the will be able to do the job if you send them the impression

There is a brand new material call Luxaprint, it is hard but once its on the ear

it get soft, its comfy


As I have said with the Oticon INTENT aids there is a new just released receiver design that as of now is only available for the Oticon INTENT aids. I don’t expect outsourced ear mold companies to offer it. And Oticons only offer is the acrylic ear molds with the 105db.

I don’t know about Oticon molds, but Westone would not make an encased mold for a Phonak UP receiver.

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The Oticon 105db receivers are only made to be incased.

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Your problem will be sourcing naked hot receivers…