Is this really IIC or is it CIC IIC hybrid?

I have been using the two mirrors to see my aid from different angles. While you can’t see it at all from the front or the back, depending on the lighting and the angle you can see it sometimes. I took a few photos to show when you can see it. Although the box it came in says IIC, I am wondering if this is truly an IIC, or is it a CIC/IIC hybrid?

I would say IIC. Nobody besides you is ever going to notice.


They look pretty good to me. My Starkey sound lens fit about like that. My canals are short, narrow with a pretty good bend. I was impressed that Starkey could even make a set of IIc’s that would even work. Enjoy them, they look great!

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No one is sticking their face that close up your ear. And everyone “normal” has some kind of ear bud anyway. Wear what works for you, visual appeal should be fairly low on the priority list.

Personally I’d rather they were more like today’s “tech” and less like last century’s medical thing. Flesh colored anything? Really? That’s worse than ivory colored computers. Remember those?

I spoke with a manufacturer once, I can’t remember who exactly but have a feeling it was Starkey who informed me that IIC is really Just CIC with a thinner shell so it can be made smaller. That being the case the size of the device and the way it fits in your canal depends on the ear shape, them impression the audiologist has taken and how the technician has made the device who works for the manufacturer, which, in my experience can also vary depending on the technician who makes it & their experience etc.