Is there anything like CaptionCall in Canada?

My elderly mom has a super hard time understanding on the phone even though she uses her hearing aids (which are new) and has an amplified phone. At this point I think reading would be the best assistance. What are her options in Canada?

Have you tried the telecoil option and the ability of many aids to then pipe the sound into both ears?
Have you tried the call streaming into the aids?

I only looked up Telus but here’s some more on what they have. I’m sure Bell and Rogers offer similar features.

Thanks. I never thought of checking with the phone company.

I’ve encountered CaptionCall before and it was amazing. Too bad it’s US only. She does have an iPad, so it looks like it might be helpful but I don’t want to overwhelm her with tech either.

OMG the TTY equipment looks horrible. Two-line character LCD displays. That’s just sad.

Oh, I forgot about your first ideas. I would say that the audiologist that services her “old folks home” is a predatory hack. She outfits everyone with all the expensive accessories but never helps them use them. In fact some of them might not even be functional/paired. I’m out-of-country and my time in town is super limited to other needs of hers. Whatever solution is possible, it has to be EASY, which is what I would say CaptionCall is.

Have you looked into Innocaptions.
I use this here in the US. Not sure if its available in Canada.
Innocaptions works well for me.
Real-time Call Caption App | Android & Iphone | InnoCaption

If she has low speech comprehensive scores then telecoil might just add to her stress

Does she have a smart phone of any type? Or strictly landline?

Smart phone have so many word to text apps available now. NALscribe is good and free.

The phone is landline, but she does have an older iPad (WiFi only). It has to be simple for her to get going the first time. I was thinking Live Caption might work if that exists for iPad, but it might not be possible to get her going using that remotely. A Caption Call phone would have been perfect. I can’t believe Canada sucks so bad at this.

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