Is the BAHA surgery painful?


Can anybody pls tell me if the BAHA procedure is at all painful? From the pics and info i have read, it seems really painful.



Hi, I just had a BAHA implanted–48 hours ago. Remarkably, I have had absolutely NO pain. The whole surgery experience was without discomfort of any kind. If you’re anywhere near Southern California, check out Loma Linda UMC and Dr. Stewart. (Oh I have to take back what I said about no discomfort–my forehead is itchy under the bandage!)




I had pain only for the 1st night, but after, no pain. This depends on every person :wink:



Daughter of 5 years had BAHA abutment placed, she never complained about any pain, just the discomfort of the operation itself.

We recently replaced the Cochlear BAHA by an Oticon Ponto Pro, much nicer device.



I myself am in pain right now from having the " Reduce subcutaneous tissue down to the
periosteum.( they cut away the blubber under the skin?) on my left side , nevertheless the right side is ok



How was the devise better? did it sound better? or just look better?

I currently have 2 of the BP 100’s



I just wanted to add a little bit of my experience for in case anyone stumbles across this for when they make their decision.

I was 17 when I did my surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital - my doctor did both sides all at once. I know some doctors will do it in two procedures.

They offered me two ways to go under - general anesthesia or local. Due to my airway, my anesthesiologist chose general, of course. But later in life, 5 years later, I had surgery to excise skin around the abutments (because I decided I didn’t like/want to wear the BAHAs), and I went under local with sedatives. It was amazing… Obviously minor surgery, but because I never really went under and I don’t remember anything there was no sickness or grogginess afterwards. In fact, I went home that day, stayed up late watching a movie, had the best night of sleep in months, and went out shopping and loads of other stuff the next day.

But back to the actual surgery for the implants - they sent me home with JUNIOR STRENGTH TYLENOL -.-

And I was fine. It was more so just a headache for a day. Although, I tried to go to school a couple days later and I just felt so nauseous, headache, and pressure overload so I went home early.

Although I never used the hearing aids until potentially now, i am glad I did it because I always have the choice to rely on this hearing aid.

You will always have the post, but it is an in office quicky to change the actual abutment if necessary.

My input as to which hearing aid to go for is vague as I didn’t like the Baha Divino and discouraged me from wearing the aids at all til 5 years later. I grew up on bone conduction analogous hearing aids for 22 years… I’m trial running the Ponto now and It is not terrible, but certainly an adjustment…