Is it only the Phonak Roger System that’ll help in group situations?

I wear the Phonak Marvel SP hearing aids.

I had a Roger On but due to having to give up work due to poor health, I’ve had to leave the Roger On with my old work as it doesn’t belong to me.

I bought a Phonak Partner Mic and it’s very good but wondered if there’s a cheaper solution to something that’ll help in group situations?

Is there also a hack on how to work the Partner Mic to work better with a group of people?

I don’t want to pay out for a Roger On iN due to my medical problems limiting my life so it’s a lot of money to pay out.


The only “hack” I can think of for Partner Mic is to pass it around. If you’ve got receivers for Roger, I think you can pick up Roger Select or Table Mic for not too much online, Sorry to hear of worseninghealth issues. Take care.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve got Roger 18 receivers but the clarity of the Marvel compared to Venture is amazing so don’t want to swap back to my V70 hearing aids.

I live in a small village (don’t think you have villages in the US?) who have a charity to help out the people of the village so think I’ll apply for new receivers via them.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Maybe a cheap option:
2x Roger receivers and a roger on/select?
@kevels55 might have better answer :pray:t2:

How about a Roger pen? And MyLink?


Buying the Roger Installer is still quite expensive.

I’ll take note tho and keep an eye on eBay.

Thank you.


MyLink is a good idea but the Pen is awful in group mode.

I would say the Pen and Partner Mic are equal when a person wears them on their top.

I’ll keep an eye out on eBay.

Thank you.

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What about roger select?
Is it better than the On?


In my opinion, the Select and On are equal in terms of group mode.

I have a Touchscreen Mic already. It’s the receivers I don’t have for the Marvel but as @Raudrive says, a myLink would work.


Roger Configurator

I think the touchscreen mic require 02 type receiver.


Yes you are correct.

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Table mic2 is really good, even more powerful than Select. Expensive new often $100 refurbished.


There’s this eBay seller (US based) selling the Table Mic II for $199 and he’s got a good supply of them.

Most Roger stuff comes from the US cheaply. There’s Table Mic II from UK sellers selling them for £1000 plus! Not going to sell.


Where did you get your Roger Installer from as I believe you got it quite cheaply?


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This would have been good, but already sold:

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Got it from eBay @Zebras, I think it was around £140? But the expedited air mail was expensive, £40 odd quid if I recall correctly?The seller was in South Korea, I believe…. It only weighs a few ounces, it is tiny! Cheers Kev :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit, fromtheheart6912 (is the seller) His name is Kenny (I think?) contact him, he might do a deal for cheaper, mention me, kevels55, he did say to contact him first if I wanted anything else, and he would do it cheaper, takes around 10 days, UK customs is the bottle neck…. Good luck….


My Village Charity have already got back to me.

They have agreed to fund a Roger On iN.

They normally only sit twice a year to discuss who to help but have pushed my application through so I can fully benefit from it quicker.



Brilliant @Zebras …. I am delighted you will be getting the Roger On In! The Charity couldn’t have picked a better deserving recipient…. :grin:


Thank you @kevels55