Is it okay to clean the hearing aids with baby wipes?

I’ve been noticing a lot of ear wax on my hearing aids and I find that using baby wipes is the best way to clean it out. Is this okay because I’m also cleaning where the mic is. I don’t go inside but I go over the surface.

OK as long as you don’t swamp the air with the moisture; anti-bacterial or alcohol swabs are generally preferred though as they are more effective in keeping the aids hygienically clean.

My audi claimed her personal research led her to use a version of “Wet Ones”. These are fragrance and alcohol free and extra gentle for sensitive skin.

I use the alcohol swabs that come in a foil wrap where you tear open the foil and you have a small alcohol swab. It works well, isn’t expensive and I use one every evening to wipe the entire aid including the dome. Another option is a bottle of denatured alcohol and a soft tissue. A little bit cheaper, but a little more work. The swab isn’t soaked, just good and damp.

I guess it would depend on how long you keep the HA’s. Alcohol can be harmful to the plastic and silicon. Again, this is what I’m told. Alcohol free would be the better choice then IF what I was told is true.

I’m not soaking the HA’s with alcohol. Just a quick wipe to remove surface crud and salt from sweat, etc. The wipes I’m using are only 70% alcohol and they are just damp, not soaked. My audi doesn’t see a problem with this. Time will tell I guess.