Is everybody facing bluetooth issues on Android 12 with Resound?

My hearing aids arrive in a few weeks, and I just got a new phone today. I’m wondering whether to update it to Android 12, or wait on 11 until I can test the resounds properly. Is everybody who updated to 12 facing issues with ASHA connectivity, or is it working fine for many?

Best to hold off for now as they haven’t fixed the issue yet according to the page linked below (there is a notice about half way down the page under Audio Streaming)

I gave up on Resound and all their promises to complete connectivity without accessory purchases. I bought all the connecting “stuff” to link my Resounds with my Android phone. Finally gave up, threw my Resounds and all the accessories in the drawer and bought Costco KS10 and haven’t looked back. Now have full fidelity streaming music and perfect (android) phone connectivity, years ahead of my Resounds. (which are still in warranty)

I’m using Lively Hearing aids, manufactured by Resound. First I was using an Samsung S20+ phone with Android 12 phone and the bluetooth just didn’t work well at all. I switched to an iphone SE and the bluetooth works perfectly with the Lively hearing aids.