Is cShell for Paradise compatible with Lumity?

I have Phonak P90s. I want to get cShell molds made for them. But if I were to upgrade to L90s, could I migrate the cShells to them?

I would have assumed so, until I happened to look at Phonak’s Lumity and Paradise Custom Ear Piece Order Form which is to be filled out by providers. It has a section for specifying which HAs the custom ear piece(s) are for, with separate lines for Lumity and Paradise. I’m wondering if the answer makes a difference to the delivered cShell(s) or whether this is just some market intelligence gathering.

They use the same receiver’s, so just ask your audiologist when you decide to upgrade to the Lumity, if I were you, I’d wait until Phonak release their new platform, going from P to L when their basically the same, it’s not going to be game changing, if you need custom molds now, you should base your decision on this and not what you may or may not buy in the future.


Anybody know whether cShell for Paradise is compatible with Lumity?

@tenkan has answered your question @brec

P and L use the same receiver.

C shell is just the mould for your ear.

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OK. Any thoughts on why the order form would ask which of P or L the cShell is for?

Yeah it’s a fair enough question, I don’t know myself, so if anyone knows hopefully they’ll post.