iPhone SE and Resound Bluetooth communication problem

Dear All!
I have a friend who doesn’t registered in hearing tracker just ask me that what do you think about an iPhoneSE and bluetooth-wifi error.
He wants to know this:

I found that if the phone had Wi-Fi turned on, the Bluetooth connection to the hearing aid was constantly lost, it was unstable. Bluetooth communication was normal when Wi-Fi turned off.

In recent years, I have tried iPhone SE (1st gen, 2016, Model number: MLLN2CM/A, 16Gb, iOS13) a variety of Made for iPhone-compatible Resound hearing aids.

Can I do something to have the problem stop leave off? I don’t want to
replace the phone.

I’m guessing the issue is the wi-fi frequency you’re using. It’s possible you may need a new router.
Older routers used wi-fi N, also known as (aka) Wi-Fi 4. It basically (there are exceptions) the 2.4 GHz frequency (same as BT) Newer routers us AC wifi and AX wifi, aka Wifi 5 and 6. They can use the 2.4 GHz frequency but also have a 5 GHz frequency available. In short, I think when you use WiFi you won’t have any problems if you use the 5GHz frequency.


I used an iPhone SE 1st generation until about three years ago and used it with Resound LINX 2 and LINX 3D hearing aids. I never had the WiFi/Bluetooth problem you mention. Then I changed to iPhone XS and Resound LINX Quattro hearing aids, also without problem. Now I’m using iPhone 12 Pro with Quattros and apart from the few weeks prior to IOS 14.2.1 being released, again there is no problem.

You don’t say which Resound aid you are using now, but it would be worth checking that you have the latest firmware in the hearing aids.

You might have to go to your audiologist to do that, although you can check the firmware version in the Resound 3D app if you have recent Resound aids.

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MDB has given you some good advice.
Cochlear and Resound use similar bandwidths for proprietary devices. My Cochlear TV connector had streaming issues until I changed our router from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. If your router is dual band it should be very easy to verify.

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I have the SE2020 with my Oticon OPNS1 aids, my WiFI is always on and i don’t have any issues with streaming calls or music and the sound is great. My WiFi router is set to automatically pick a channel with the least interference. And another possibility is that I have my iPhone with a reserved IP address at home. At home I am always connected on one of the 5gig channels, but I know when I connect at church or my friends house it is the 2.4gig channels. And if I am not on my on home router I am using a VPN connection.

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Hi, thank you very much for your answer.
The problem appeared every time if i did not connect any Wi-Fi
network, only Wi-Fi turned on the phone.
I tested it many times. I went outside where no any 2.4 GHz
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signal and I tested it there. The problem appeared
with 5 GHz router too.

Thank you very much for your answer.
I always checked the firmware updates. I tried Resound LT962-DRW,
Resound Linx and Enzo. The problem appeared every time with all
hearing aids.

The problem was permanent. It appeared when I did not connect to any
Wi-Fi network. It appeared when there were no any router’s signal on
the phone.

Hi, thank you for your answer.
I am trying Oticon soon, I hope that the problem will not appear.

Hello, very good answer here but I come just to guess. I currently understood this problem happening with an iPhone SE 1st gen, 2016. I do have, like others say; iPhone SE 2020 and this is not happening at all. If this is true then the problem appears to be hardware-software technology. I guess the iPhone is mistaking Bluetooth for Wi-Fi. I will no use an iPhone 2016 to manage my haids. Instead will try Android for more affordable prices. Just guessing.

I think this a problem with your iPhone then. All these hearing aids are certified to work with all iPhones by Resound. I think your iPhone has a fault.

If everyone had issues like you describe, you would find hundreds of posts about it, not the odd one or two.

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I misunderstood your problem.
There is only a problem on the SE2020 phone when WiFi is turned on, correct?
Have you tried doing a hard boot on that phone? Not just turn it off.

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Rick not with my SE2020, don’t have any issues at all.

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Hi, thank you very much for your answer. I know that this iPhone Se is
rather old.

Hi, I have no iPhone SE2020. I tried hard reset on my SE 2016.

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Thank you all the answers. Now I know that I must buy a new phone.

The 5 GHz carrier was added in WiFi n. It is not available in the WiFi a, b and g variants. Even my old Netgear wnr2000v1 WiFi router designed on the basis of a preliminary version of the WiFi n standards supports 5 GHz communication.

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I really think the frequency of the WiFi has nothing to do with the problem. As I said before MFI hearing aids are designed to work with phones that are transmitting WiFi in the 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth at the same time. Similarly these phones are designed and built so that WiFi and Bluetooth don’t interfere with each other.

So either the hearing aids or the phone is faulty. I suspect the phone as I said before.

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Is there a way she can prove what you think? She doesn’t want to replace the phone unless really bad. The WiFi/Bluetooth problem would be a rare one, never heard of anything like you describe happening.

I have a WiFi 5 router, with a 3 band network, I also have about 25 devices all connected to the router when it is the heaviest used. I have no Bluetooth or WiFi interference at all with my aids, or with any of the apple, Android, Windows, Fire TVs, Bose sound systems, HP printers, Wifi and Bluetooth security system with video, and even the Smart TVs. This little house is about 2000 sq ft, and there is WiFi and Bluetooth connections in every room and also when nice on the porch or patio. This house is not wired so everything is wireless.

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