International purchase - Buyhear, HearStore, Hearing Central, Ebay, Which one is better?

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I am strongly considering buying hearing aids for my mother through the online store. It generates me fear given that this purchase is an investment and I want to be successful so that my mother feels satisfied. Unfortunately I have had a bad experience buying a cell phone through ebay, living in Peru makes it difficult for me to return the pack quickly and to assume the cost of shipping goes out of my budget. However, the price difference in hearing aid is quite high, buying a pair of signia Nx or Oticon Opn costs me USD 2’500 more in Peru than if I buy it online. The issue of future calibrations that my mom will need stops me a bit too, although i am looking for some information and if I study more I think I could do calibration myself, here in Lima, an audilogist charges 20% of the hearing aid’s value market to do calibration in 3 sessions, i think it is expensive, the signia software seems friendly to me.

I have visited HearStore, Buyhear and Ebay. Have you had experience buying on those sites? have you had problems with international shipping? how guarantee works when it is an international sale? It wolud be great if you give me some tips. Thanks

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You should learn to do the programming yourself and buy the device to do it.


Maybe say can learn rather than should learn. However, that would lower cost than the local expense.

A lot of aids are used aids on ebay and warranty is very iffy. Make sure the seller can support warranty repairs.

Buyhear and audiomatrics certainly can support warranty. Either can also sell you the programming device or it can be purchased on Alibaba. If you go that route, look in the DIY area for info. It can be a bit involved to get the right equipment and software.

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Oticon states on their website that they will not honor manufacturer’s warranty if not sold through one of their authorized distributors.

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Some online seller like Audiometrix may also have a brick and mortar store although they sell online as well. As just ask them if they’re authorized dealers or not and how they’ll handle warranty service. I know of forum members here who got warranty service for Oticon opn from buyhear just fine.

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Yes, I am interested on buying the noahlink wireless device, but I have not found it yet. I have ready searched on eBay, Amazon, hear store and nothing.

Oh that’s great, I will do that. It’s probably that finally I buy the signia nx model. My worries now are about the international shipping.

Audiometrix is selling the original HiPro for a very good price. Go to the online sellers section of this forum to find that thread. It’s not wireless like the Noahlink but it’ll do the job just fine.


If you go the the Online Sellers sections I can let you know who is the best and why :stuck_out_tongue:

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Finally, Buyhear have answered me, Joel is giving me the sale service because he speaks spanish and for me it is more easy writing in my mother tongue. i hope we got a deal soon.

Hey @audiometrix_hearing…this thread is in Online Sellers :slight_smile:
@jvmalca: audiometrix participates here. Buyhear do not. If that means anything to you. Or you have some unknown objection which of course is fine.

I sent a private message to @audiometrix_hearing. Asking about the signia nx and noahlink wireless, they told me that doesn’t work with signia and about noahlink I m still waiting for an answer. No problem if i could get a deal with them.

Oh Hey! Didn’t notice.

Yup we will beat any price on any aid!

They said you are not able to wireless program Signia Nx with Noahlink wireless? Maybe it’s too new for everyone to know. It is wirelessly programmable only with NoahLink wireless.

See this link.

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Well yes I suppose. Some forums say something along the lines of ‘this thread moved…’. Knowing that would be helpful if the thread were to be magically moved by the ghost in the machine.

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There is a detailed brochure on all the Signia hearing aids and accessories. They have a list of which programming devices will work with their aids. It is on their Signia consumers website.

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What did it say about Signia Nx?

Where is that consumer brochure? Maybe it’s this Signia Nx - Product Portfolio Catalog from Downloads at the bottom of

It says the same thing on page 42 as the German version referred to 5 posts above. That is programming devices, Hi-Pro with cables and programming pills or Noahlink Wireless.

The info l got from is the product portfolio catalog 2017 to 2019. Nx aids can only be programmed with the Noahlink wireless device.