Interference Causing Sound Delay and Crackling with ReSound BiCROS

I’m on a trial with ReSound Nexia BiCros rechargeable aid. When I walk into my spouse’s office where he has a portable landline phone, his own Resound Nexia (non-bicros) hearing aids, his laptop and wi-fi router, all of a sudden I will hear a brief “whoo” sound and then I hear a slight echo or delay when I speak or listen. When I take the bicros aid out, there’s no echo. When I put it back in, the delay doesn’t go away; I have to put the aid in the charger to reset things to make the echo stop.

Also, when my spouse and I embrace with our aids on, I hear a short crackling sound. My hearing aid specialist claims it’s my hair brushing on the mic, but it sounds more electronic than that.

Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.

I would be curious about eliminating some of the bigger potentials. Try turning off the Wi-Fi router before you come in. Then and/or turning off or taking the portable phone out of the office. My guess would be one or both of those two. It would not fix the issue but it would give you some insights.

Thank you. We’ve tried doing what you suggested and the interference still occurs sporadically. According to the Hearing Aid Specialist and ReSound, that kind of interference is “not supposed to happen.” ReSound is looking into that issue. Again, my thanks.

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Have you watched your Resound phone app during this issue?

Example, while away from that office your bi-cross aids are doing fine. Then while watching the app walk into that office. See if there are any changes on the Resound app.

Good luck.

Thanks. Any particular place on the app I should pay attention to when I do that?

Just thinking out loud.
Streaming in particular.
Is it just in that office or when you are around your husband and his resound aids?
I remember the T-Coil giving me fits until I learned what was causing the weird noise. Florescent lights (CFL) caused that issue in our office when I got too close to the light.

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Update: ReSound sent my HA provider a totally new set of Bi-cros aids, without any response as to the problem with the first set. It’s been fine ever since.

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That’s great news.
Thanks for the update.