Interesting Article on Technology Trends in Hearing Review

I am linking a recent article from Hearing Review which discusses the “gradual and then sudden” impact of technology on hearing aids, especially the convergence of hearing aids and consumer electronics.

Although the article is about Signia/Rexton hearing aids, the topics it discusses are true throughout the industry. For example, regular firmware updates which it describes are pretty much what Whisper hearing aids had promised to do. They also describe the use of DNN in Signia/Rexton hearing aids although in a different application than this is used in Oticon hearing aids.


Well this segment of the paper : Has a problem!

The convergence of hearing aids and consumer electronic

Until recently, hearing aids and consumer electronic devices existed as completely separate product categories.

Many of the high-tech hearing aid adjustable features don’t work with consumer products like TV’s and phones.

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@Speedskater, I’m not getting your point.

The point was that segment of the paper, over-states, many hearing aids connection to consumer electronics. Yes, they connect but without many functions.

I think you misunderstood the author’s point in that section of the article.

Interesting read.

Wondering now if HA manufacturers could offer more firmware updates to the previous generations of devices if hardware allows (processing capability, number of mics) without cannibalising sales of new devices (eg trickle down some features but keep the showstoppers for your latest greatest HA).

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What other functions do you want … besides understanding the speech and adjusting the volume of the phone call and TV?

Not gonna happen, there’s no money in that. It would require new players and significant disruptions in tech. Established companies are interested in keeping status quo and stretching their R&D for as long as possible.

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With the exception of microphone directional steering, I want all the other adjustable functions.
TV audio has some of the most challenging hearing situations.
From a soprano reading the evening news, to all kinds of background noise at sports events.

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All of those adjustment should already be done in the hearing aid programing.

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