Information needed on Audicus/Hansaton DIY programming

Hello,Im new to the forum and id like to have some information, I have been using hearing aids since 2013, from the company Audicus, id like to be able to program them myself since they have to be sent by mail everytime i need to have them Programmed. According to the manual they are manufactured by Hansaton, the model number is WU7‑WL002BTE , anyone have any information about that model?
Id like to upgrade them and just get some that i could program myself but the diy school 2.0 pdf is not available to download from the website anymore so im not sure what would be a good replacement.
any help/suggestions is apreciated.

Welcome to the forum, sure it’s available but I’d definitely recommend upgrading to later versions, all you’ll need is the Noahlink wireless programming device and the software, all easy to get just ask, have you got a Costco nearby, if so that is the place to start with, very good HAs and even better prices! Anything else just ask or post a new topic in DIY forum plenty of us here to help you along.