Infection in outer ears has caused 24/7 tinnitus

I’ve had ear infections (both ears) for about 4 weeks now. On my 5th and 6th lots of antibiotics (2 lots at a time) and my ears are getting worse not better.

They’ve been red roar and swollen for sometime now but suddenly I’m getting tinnitus in my left ear which isn’t going away. Can outer ear infections cause tinnitus?

In wondering if I’m suddenly allergic to my colored molds even tho I’ve had them 7 months and I’ve had colored molds on and off my whole life?

It’s very possible as that seems to be correlated with how I developed my tinnitus. Dermatitis as an allergic reaction to wearing hearing aid molds can happen and allow the skin barrier to become compromised and a yeast infection can develop. Its also possible the coloring agent in your molds could be a factor? Of course, if you you listen to the “patronizing hearing authorities” they will ramble on about how hearing aid molds made out of silicone are hypoallergenic, blah blah blah, but they’re not wearing it against their skin for virtually 24/7, now are they?

It’s possible that your tinnitus has developed as a result of your use of multiple rounds of antibiotics. Please see:
If this is the case, the tinnitus may (or may not) go away or get quieter after the infection is conquered and you are off antibiotics.

Logically, an infection that was only in the outer ear would not likely lead to tinnitus because the nerves that are used for hearing and are believed to be damaged in many patients with tinnitus are not in the outer ear. They’re deeper, past the tympanic membrane.

But if your infection spread deeper than the outer ear, which certainly can happen with an unresolved infection like this, then yes, the infection could be the cause or an additional cause of the tinnitus.

I wish you well including relief from both the infection and the tinnitus.

Well I managed to fit my blue mold in on my right side and I am still wearing it after about 3 hours. I am very pleased as I am not one of these people that like complete silence all the time.

My left is still too swollen to put my ear mold back in :frowning:

I had heard of people being allergic to colored ear molds but from me being able to wear my right one, I dont think it is the ear mold. My audi and hospital have stated that colored molds are not hypoallegentic.

Thanks for the tinnitus and medication link. I did not know that. I hope it goes away. I can see why tinnitus is a frustrating thing.

Why don’t you seek a second opinion from another ENT for each ENT has his own specialty. I have this chronic R ear infection and on my 3rd ENT. He prescribe me with a compound(takes 24 hours to order from Pharmacy) to be gargle and spit out. It could be something else other than infection. Now, I am just waiting for blood work result to find out what causing this chronic ear(?) infection or what not.

So far it is working for me, as I can touch my R ear without pain and for some reason it cleared my ear and my nose. It seems my R HA has crisper sound such as my ability to hear(8feet+away) the bubbling fish tank and the noisy computer on my right side.

Also, why not see an Allergist co’z our body changes over time.

I know it can be frustrating and painful, hope you feel better.

I would also go to another ENT since prolonged use of some antibiotics can cause further hearing loss and you can’t afford that. So many doctors today prescribe antibiotics for every ailment to basically go for the ultimate kill shot and this is when some of the older Sulfa type drugs will work just as well or better or in Janeta’s case was corrected with a solution that was gargled and spit out. Hope you get you this straightened out soon, good luck!

I have to go back to my doc on Monday and if not cleared up then they are sending me straight up to ENT. In a way I feel like going back tomorrow even tho my right is less swollen and painful, I think it’s coz I’ve been taking anti imflamities round the clock. My left has become very painful and getting very sharp stabbing pains in it.

At the moment I can’t work as I can’t wear both my HAs and my job is communicating!

Thanks everyone! I will make doc tomorrow send me up to ENT instead of Monday.

They don’t use those antibiotics for his type of infection. Lets not scare the guy silly.

  1. Stop letting your PCP treat your ears.

  2. If you ear canals are that swollen that you can’t fit a earmold in your ear then you might need to have a wick inserted with some ear drops. The ENT also might tell you to keep the aids out until further notice to keep air circulating.

I realize that several months have elapsed since NaidaUP posted about her tinnitus, but NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and Naproxen can cause tinnitus and have the potential to be ototoxic dependent upon dosage. Each person’s tolerance and potential for damage is individual. Often the tinnitus disappears with a lowered dosage or discontinuance of the medication. There are reported cases of persistent tinnitus even after the medication has been discontinued. Many people are unaware of the potential risks. Some people have a very low tolerance to the NSAIDs.

It is not unusual for doctors to prescribe a higher dosage for tendonitis. I wonder if some of my own tinnitus was caused or aggravated by treatment for several episodes of prolonged tendonitis with higher doses. I will never know. Unfortunately the potential risk was never pointed out prior to treatment. I now avoid them as much as possible.