Increasing phone volume beyond max


Hello, i was trying to see if there was a way to increase the call volume on a galaxy s 10 passing it max volume?



Can’t help you with the Galaxy. However, if your issue is call volume when streaming to your hearing aids, there may be possible adjustments that could be made by your HA fitter. At least the ones I have, use a special page to set up equalization etc for streaming. It may be possible to boost the volume there. And of course there is always the prescription of the hearing aids themselves may have to be boosted if that is possible.



On the Galaxy S6, under settings, there is an Accessibility icon. There you can set the speakers for hearing aid use.

Then under settings, there is a sounds and vibrations icon. In that there is a Volume icon where you can set the system volume up.

Not sure if the options are similar for the S10.

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I have the opposite problem. The phone volume using the Phone Clip+ is way too loud and using either the media volume setting, the rocker volume button on the Phone Clip+, or the volume in the Smart 3D app can’t reduce the volume below a certain pretty loud level. I’ve always used my home phone up 'til now to make calls but decided to make use of the “in ear” earphone aspect of my Quattro’s.

In Samsung’s Sound Assistant, I’ve also tried turning on the Control Media volume setting, tried changing the Step Volume in the Sound Assistant, and under Accessibility in the main Setting menu, also tried turning on the Hearing Enhancements setting that supposedly optimizes sound for HA’s.

Perhaps there is a setting in the Smart Fit software where I can reduce the PC+ volume ? (haven’t looked yet). The other thing I’ve noticed is that when in a phone call streaming via BT and PC+ to my Quattros, my Galaxy Note 8 is relatively unresponsive (delays of a second or two) going to Phone app or Smart 3D app to change settings or hang up as compared to using the same apps while not streaming phone call to PC+.

So if anyone knows how to make a phone call much quieter (while still being able to hear it) with ReSound HA’s and the PC+ (and a Samsung phone, mine a Galaxy Note 8 running Android Pie), I’d love to hear how to do it. I’m already down to the lowest possible level of media volume on my phone screen. Pressing the Volume Down rocker button doesn’t do anything more. Maybe the loudness is in part because of my occlusive molds - I’m trapping all that extra wonderful low frequency sound in my ears. OTH, while streaming a podcast from either my Note 8 or a 2011 Samsung Galaxy Nexus through the PC+, I have no problem reducing the podcast volume to soft levels. So the loudness problem seems to be an idiosyncrasy of handling phone calls.