Improvement With Inner Ear Steroid Injections?

Hearing Loss right Ear 12/21
Hearing recovery right ear 2/22 without meds
Hearing loss right ear 6/22 oral steroids no hearing recovery
Meniere’s symptoms (dizziness, nausea vomiting) 622-9/22
Some measured improvement in hearing right ear 9/22 to 12/22.
Doctor is recommending trying steroid injection in right ear. Has anyone had success with injections after an extended period of hearing loss?

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My ent told me when I had a loss that steroid injections can help, but generally only if done immediately (within a few weeks of the loss). It didn’t help me but my loss was for another reason.

On a side note - since it looks like you are only mentioning one side loss did you check for neuroma? My ent was emphatic that I get an mri. It’s rare but turned out I had one.

Thanks Janofh,
Yes had an MRI which was clear.
Yes I have also heard that to be effective steroid treatment needs to be soon after the loss. That’s why I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with later inner ear injections

I haven’t seen it done that late, but I’m not sure how your fluctuation being related to Meniere’s rather than neuritis might impact that.

I’d always opt for the injection over the oral steroids given the choice. Not for better efficacy, but rather to avoid possibly side effects from systemic medication. High dose oral steroids are pretty safe but… Still less safe than local. And also, I just feel like junk when I’m on prednisone.


Generally speaking sudden hearing loss is an emergency situation. Ideally treatment should be started within 3-4 days, 7 days at the outside. That’s to get optimal results from treatment.

I agree with Neville, I’m not sure you would get any benefit now.

I experience a SSHL in August, come February my ENT at that time said it’s been far to long now for vigorous treatment to commence. Good luck to you.

Thanks Def_piper, that seems to be the general consensus. Will do more research.