Imitation HI-PRO Products for Sale in the Market – Otometrics Issues Alert

Imitation HI-PRO Products for Sale in the Market – Otometrics Issues Alert

Illegal sale of unauthorized copies of industry-leading hearing aid programming tools prompts warning.

Schaumburg, IL - October 2014 – GN Otometrics, a global provider of hearing and balance assessment solutions, issued an alert today to warn customers, partners and distributors about imitation HI-PRO products for sale. The illegal copy products appear similar to the original HI-PRO products but are of poor quality, do not have the same functionality as the original HI-PRO products and are not covered by any warranty or service.

Developed in cooperation with hearing aid manufacturers, the original HI-PRO series from Otometrics is well known and has long been recognized as the de-facto industry standard and go-to solution for hearing aid programming.

“We’ve noticed an increasing number of imitation products being sold under the Otometrics brand and we want our customers, distributors and business partners to know the potential problems of using these products,” says Peter Kossek, Senior Product Manager at Otometrics.

Invalid serial numbers, irregular CD labeling, sub-standard bumpers on the bottom of the housing and general inferior workmanship are just a few of the signs that can identify the fake HI-PRO products by simple visual inspection. In terms of functionality, the imitation products have no high-speed capability though they may be labeled as if they do. In addition, they are not compatible with authorized support and service tools, and could potentially invalidate fitting procedures.

Hearing care professionals who suspect they may have a copy product are encouraged to contact the seller and return the device. The original HI-PRO products can be purchased from Audiology Systems. For more information on the original HI-PRO, please visit:

About Audiology Systems

Audiology Systems is a new, national partnership of industry professionals, audiologists, local instrument experts and Otometrics. The company provides fast and direct access to advanced equipment from leading manufacturers, such as Intelligent Hearing Systems (IHS) and Otometrics, with MADSEN, AURICAL and ICS. Audiology Systems was founded with a clear vision: to elevate customer care through increased professionalism, consultative dialogue and accessibility to customers. Visit or the Otometrics / Audiology Systems Expo Page on AudiologyOnline for more information.

BS!! It’s a simple serial interface. The knock-offs work just fine. You have your initial non-DOA (non Dead On Arrival) warranty. After that you don’t really need a warranty for a serial interface. Just get the one with USB connection and not the old/serial connection. Computers no longer have serial ports.

It’s not BS, and it has nothing to do with the serial version. The serial Hi-Pro has never been copied. It’s the USB version that’s been counterfeited. If you talk to Otometrics, they will tell you that customers have sent in Hi-Pros which won’t connect reliably to certain hearing aids, and those units were tested and found to be knockoffs. If your knockoff works just fine, that’s great, but don’t assume it’s identical to the real thing.

Yes, I agree this has nothing to do with the serial port version vs the USB version.

Hmmmmm, I wouldn’t do something so stupid as to buy a knockoff Hi-Pro from EBay/China and then send it in to Otometrics to complain about it now working properly. I don’t think anyone here would do that either.

So we should assume that the Otometrics customers who are sending in their broken Hi-Pros are Audis, right? Are you saying that Audi’s are buying knockoffs?

Otometrics would not have to test a unit to find it to be a knockoff. You can tell simply by looking at it.
I still think this is so much BS!!

Here’s a picture of the inside of a knockoff. To view the outside click on the links in my signature line…

I was referring to the USB version when I said it’s a simple serial interface. Whether it connects via a serial port or connects via a USB port (Universal Serial Bus) it’s still a simple serial interface.

Don’t be so sure. The current Hi-Pro knockoffs on eBay look identical to the original, right down to the serial number sticker. The real problem is they’re not labeled as counterfeit, for obvious reasons, so anyone who purchases them is being ripped off. That includes hearing care professionals.

I am sure! I have been looking closely at the differences for years. I can tell the difference externally, and I am sure that Otometrics can tell the difference in a heartbeat. No testing required.

I don’t understand how you leap to the conclusion that “anyone who purchases them is being ripped off”. I am very happy with my purchase. I believe that most DIYers who purchased these are also happy with their purchases.

It’s a simple serial interface (yes USB is a serial interface). Here’s a better picture…
Sorry, the picture got lost.

The new versions on EBay do have a new look. So maybe they currently do look more alike. I’ll concede that.

But I do not concede that we are getting ripped off.

Also, GN Otometrics says that there are “signs that can identify the fake HI-PRO products by simple visual inspection”.

I love how you post one thing and then come back and say you meant something else.

But the important point is unsuspecting people are getting ripped off because they’re purchasing a counterfeit product. If they knew it was fake, perhaps they would choose to purchase the genuine article instead.

I know you don’t. I only concede that the newer versions may resemble the originals a little more. That’s all.

This manufacturer alert is still BS and we are not generally getting ripped off.

Anyone who buys a product on EBay from China thinking it’s the genuine article is an idiot.

And, it would be even more absurd to send that product back to GN Otometrics to complain about it.

Can you tell me the names of microcontrollers to which there crystal? It difficult to see to the image!
Thank you!

Huh?? :slight_smile: This might help…

Sorry, the picture got lost.