IIC hearing aid that allows some adjustment

I’ve been diagnosed with moderate hearing loss. I recently tried the Sony CRE-C10 hearing aid and like it a lot, but figured I would get a better fit with a prescription hearing aid. The CRE-C10 is quite small and does not have bluetooth, which I don’t particularly want. However it is possible to do rudimentary adjustments on it (like volume adjustment and program changes) using inaudible sounds generated by an app on my smartphone.

I consulted an audiologist and told him that I was interested in the most discreet hearing aid I could get and that I was not interested in bluetooth. He tried to sell me on a slightly larger CIC with bluetooth and a somewhat noticeable antenna. He said that the IIC version without bluetooth is incapable of any adjustment at all using an app.

I’m wondering if there are other hearing aid lines other than the ones he sells that might have this capability. I’m looking for a good prescription IIC hearing aid that allows the user to, at minimum, adjust volume and select programs using some mechanism other than bluetooth.

Thank you.

Most all of the CIC aids are basic without any type of adjustments.

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Actually Signia does have the TouchControl App that uses the high frequency sounds for volume and program changes, the Sony should work in theory.


Nobody sees or cares about hearing aids. Everybody these days has something in their ear.

Quick story: I was in my office, six months or so after I got hearing aids, trying to find the best ring tone on my phone. A guy walks by my office and then comes back. This is somebody I had worked with daily for years. Here is the conversation:

Him: What are you doing?
Me: Trying to find a ring tone I can hear.
Him: You have trouble hearing?
Me: Yes, that’s why I wear hearing aids
Him: You wear hearing aids?


Resound has In the ear hearing aids that look like ear buds. They have all the available adjustments. If it was me I would get those instead of iic.


I have been wearing aids for 19 years. I have worn in the ear and now MiniRite aids. The only people that have ever noticed my aids are others that wear aids. And believe me more people notice our hearing loss than notice our aids. I even wear aids that show up more. The aids I wear now are jet black. The aids I am getting next month are silver. I have a hearing loss that is my disability, why not make a statement. I tell anyone that will listen about my hearing loss, my hearing aids, and what hearing loss can do to a person’s life.


This is so true; me & my wife were at a funeral recently & I counted 8 people sitting in front of us wearing aids. Afterwards I asked my wife if she noticed how many people were wearing hearings aids, she didn’t notice ANY!

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Yep. It’s us hearing aid users who notice other HA uses. In my case, because I’m curious about the brand and model that they’re wearing.

Just go all HIppy!! wear your hair long. Folks will assume that you’re a hipster. Good! give the peace sign and start talking about Allen Ginsburg and all will be well.


I have my whole life worn my hair cut very short, military flattop with almost shaved sides. My hair as a young child was dark brown almost black, through my 20s and 30s and most of my 40s my hair was considered mostly black. It slowly went salt and pepper then mostly gray and now mostly white. My next aids, my INTENT1 aids will be a sliver gray color, my Real1 aids are jet black, and my More1 aids are metal gray. I can know which aids are which. I intend to use all three sets for as long as they can be useful.

Phonak has a MiniControl wand you can tap the aid with. It can either be set to adjust volume OR program.