IIC and Bluetooth direct to phone

I’m new here. Researching my first hearing aid. Have mild to moderate loss in the left ear only.

I need to have a completely invisible aid due to my job. I know, the ADA prohibits it, but trust me I have good reasons.

So back on topic…

I researched everything and I cannot find any IIC with Bluetooth that connect directly to an ANROID phone.

I’d rather not by a separate device to make the wireless link, but if it’s my only option for wireless, then I would consider it.

Please help, I don’t know where to go from here.

Unfortunately they don’t exist. I’m in a similar situation and I’ve researched the possibilities. Even with the current low power implementation, bluetooth needs more power and a bigger battery than will fit in an IIC.
There are some IIC HA that operate on 900 MHz with lower power, smaller batteries, but they do not connect directly to an Android or to an iPhone, although my understanding is that some of them may be able to connect indirectly (that is, through an intermediate little box that you also need to carry around with you) to a smart phone. It is so darn difficult to figure these things out from the Mfg. websites; they do their best to obscure the facts while proclaiming the miracle of their latest models.

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What? What do you mean the ADA prohibits it? What job would require an invisible aid? Do you mean you have a job where normal hearing is a requirement?

ADA prohibits what?

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ADA prohibits discrimination of a disability. But lets focus back on topic.

Really? Who would have thunk.

If the right ear is normal, can you use a conventional bluetooth device in the right ear?

I don’t think there are any IIC devices that have wireless connection. There are several CIC devices that do.

I know the possibility of wearing a hearing aid is a big deal, but normally we overestimate how much other people notice or care. They don’t.

When I decided to get my first I thought I needed to have an announcement to the people I work with, so I got them all in the hallway and told them I had ordered a hearing aid. They said good, you needed those, where are we going for lunch?

Another guy, not one of the ones in the hallway, walked by my office one day while I was changing my ringtone. He came back and asked me what I was doing. I said, trying to find a ringtone I can hear. He said, you have trouble hearing? I said yes, that’s why I wear hearing aids. He said, you wear hearing aids? There are so many devices now, nobody really notices or cares.

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If you did get an IIC for the bad ear, you could use the type of conventional bluetooth device that covers the ears but doesn’t go in the canal. I love my Arctic p311 but there are some newer ones out.

I have oticon iic’s with a streamer and an app on my android phone
when the phone rings I tap the big button on the streamer and it answers right into my ears.
makes me feel like I am in star trek.

the connection is also use-able for connecting to my mac etc. but not always without uncertainty.
there are volume controls on the streamer and an additional button closer to the bottom on the same side as the volume controls. That button can be used when you want to start a blue-tooth media stream from your computer (after they are paired).

this works for both my computer and music on my android phone. (I believe I need to use the phone app to control sound from the computer, which is an odd extra layer to deal with)

for google maps (the gps navigator from the android) however,
since the voice speaks only when you need to turn or adjust your path,
I have to keep hitting the button near the bottom (below the volume controls) to restart the audio streaming.
it times out if there is no sound for a minute or two.
this has been annoying.
for music it is also a bit annoying as it is not very loud at max volume unless I suppress the ambient sound completely. (only suppresses to ~30%)

generally a good system. especially for the phone.
I wish the streamer were smaller.

Hi all.
Sorry to dig up an old topic but I am researching my first hearing aid and this was pretty much what I was after. It’s been an additional 2 years of technological advancement but I don’t see any change to what everyone was saying here (from what I can see). Does anyone know if there has been any advancements in IIC and direct Bluetooth?
I’m not in a position where I NEED it. I just want an invisible hearing aid and would love to stream direct from my android phone.

Hi Alan - I’ve been waiting for advancements in this area as well. I had high hopes that the new Oticon OPN iic would have some sort of direct connection to at least an iphone, but sadly it seems that it won’t even have volume control using a remote control, let alone any streaming capabilities. This seems a backward step from their Alta Pro 2 iic, which at least works wirelessly with the Connectline streamer. The Starkey Soundlens iic does I believe have direct streaming, though my personal poor experience with Soundlens has put me off trying these. Sivantos do an iic with remote control, though I have read that their devices are notoriously large for an iic. I currently use non wireless Oticon iics, and love them to bits in a quiet office environment (at least I love the one with a proper sized vent that eliminates occlusion), but they are a bit of a disaster in noisy situations - how I would love to be able to turn them down…I’m about to start my journey with a RIC aid, though share many users qualms about having my first visible aids (irrational though it might be, I feel my confidence draining away at the thought of coming into work with them on my first day). I have been spurred on by so many wonderful contributors to this site - I have learned so much. Hope this helps, and I still hold out hope that manufacturers will continue to develop iic capabilities. In the meantime, I’m also excited about what a step up to a RIC might offer me in terms of an improved lifestyle - maybe I’ll even get to enjoy noisy pubs & restaurants like I used to.

Thanks for the update. I just read Android P should open the gates to a lot of direct connectivity with their Bluetooth BLE. I’ll hold off for a little while to see what happens in the next few months. I would hate to spend the money now, only to find out a new model is released the week after that does what I want. Although, iPhone has had it and there is still no decent IIC that works so am not too hopeful.

Just 2 quick questions if you don’t mind. You mentioned the issue in noisy environments. Is that because your model doesn’t have the relevant technology, or is that an issue with an IIC? I see the higher tech models mention working in noisy environments but don’t know to what extent that is.
Then, is the size of vent dependent on the model of IIC? I thought that was dependent purely on ear size but your post makes me think that I will need to look at particular models of IIC as well. I think I will really battle getting used to it as I feel like going mad when just sticking some blu-tack in my ear and hearing myself talk.


I’m not an expert by any means, and can only speak from my personal experience, and of course my correction needs will be different to everyone elses. My Oticons are non wireless Alta Pro - not the latest tech perhaps, but under 3 years old. To my mind they seem to just do one job very well - that is create a good natural sound in a quiet environment, or outside away from too much noise. I don’t sense any changes in what they do in any other situation - ie if I go to a noisy pub, they amplify everything in such a way that I find myself hearing a wall of sound - maybe I’m more sensitive to loud noise as I get older, but often it’s just too much to bear - out they come.

As for occlusion, this is what makes or breaks an iic for me. I have one that is really very small - it goes very deep (which is probably key as I understand if you can get it in the bony part of the canal then occlusion isn’t such a problem), and honestly I could forget it’s there (until a loud noise reminds me). The other one doesn’t sit so deep, and does suffer some occlusion (on a % scale I’d say about 20%). I should have got it remade with a larger vent, but I was just so pleased to have 2 ears working again that I accepted it as it was. I was offered one with a pressure vent first time round, and to me that was laughable - it really was like having blu-tack stuffed in your ear all the time (to me it felt/sounded like the ocean was in my head). I have an older CIC with a really large vent, and it never had any occlusion, so for me, it’s all about vent size.

nernafon zerena ITC AND ITE are MFI( not IIC and CIC)