iCube II connection

I just got this device and it won’t connect by USB cable, I found a Bluetooth adapter and target finds the device but says firmware needs to be updated before it can be used. well it will only update via USB cable that it won’t connect . I have tried other cable and did not help.

Any help appreciated.

When you are in Target and go to updates. Select the iCube. Target should tell you to connect to it using the USB connection.
Are you doing this?

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You need to go to setup in target and click on fitting device, and then click on icube, then enable icube for fitting, you then need to use the pairing assistant and pair icube by usb cable, this should do it.

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Yes, but can’t find USB connection.

Is the ICube fully charged?

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I don’t see pairing assistant just paring for icube11 adapter and one for third party adapter.

The first page when you load Target. Across the bottom are selectable icons. One of them is set up. Go there and find fitting devices. Select your iCube.

Oh I see what pairing assistant is.