I tried Oticon Intent 1. Expensive. Another option? Resound 1?

I think I understand.

Feedback was never a problem though when I used my open dome Siemens 8 years ago.

And feedback is not a problem with my current Oticon intent 1 on trial.

I see the point that the risk of feedback increases when speaker and microphone are close to eachother as in M&RIE… but I thought modern software took care of that problem.

(I do understand that the problem increases with rising amplification.)

WhiteHat basically answered your question. Playing semantics, but I don’t think I’d call your loss a “cookie bite” loss. It does however the shape of a "Cookie bite’, but is more extensive. To me “Cookie Bite” loss implies notable areas of near normal hearing. You’ve got a pretty notable loss from 500 hz to 4khz

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If your loss was similar to your current loss 8 years ago, I doubt you were getting adequate gain for your loss


As the others have said, domes will not give you what you need to hear well. You need custom earmolds.

Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Siemens as well as others are all good aids when properly set up for your hearing loss. The Costco aids are also very good aids at a much lower price if they are available to you. It’s not necessary to pay big money for good hearing aids

Good luck, lots of great help here on the forum.

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When they program your aids they tell the software the type of fitting - different domes or molds etc. the software takes this into account. It decreases your gain to prevent feedback.

You want a HCP who uses all different kinds of fittings, the correct ones for the type of loss. Sometimes someone is on the cusp of going one way or another. But open domes leak a lot. This is desired when you have good hearing in the low frequencies and want to prevent occlusion. You on the other hand, need all you can get.


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Do molds always imply BTE? (Behind the ear recievers)

Or do molds also exist with RIE? (Recievers in the ear)

Hearing care professional. Not distinguishing between a doctor of audiology vs the various licensed fitters who all have good and bad examples.

No. Some molds have the RIC receiver built into them. Some you insert it with rubbery material going between the reeiver and the mold.

Yes, as above, there are molds for both BTE and RIC HAs.


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You might want to read through this thread: Phonak Lumity 90 vs ReSound Nexia 9 vs Oticon Intent 1 - why I chose Oticon

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My hearing loss is still classified a cookie bite even though I am now losing my high frequencies. But yes my loss started out with a very deep loss in the mid range and close to normal in the lows and highs.

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With a ‘chonkier’ loss like this, you might find the Bernafon Encanta (say 300) is probably worth a punt. A bit less ‘active’ than the Intent, but with a little more robust output, might suit a heftier prescription.

Double domes are probably the best compromise, but a canal mould with a select-a-vent might allow the wearer to play around with the comfort level of occlusion.


@Swift (the OP) → it looks like you don’t live in the US. So I don’t know if you have any Costco in your country or not. If you do, perhaps they do carry the Philips hearing aids like the Costcos in the US do. If so, you can try out the Philips aids from Costco. They’re a close cousin of the Intent, although they’re not the same aids rebranded. The Philips aids as sold by Costco are much more affordable compared to the Olticon Intent.


Are the Philips versions available yet?

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No, but it’s anticipated to be available some time this year. But that’s a good point that if the OP can’t wait and must have replacement aids right away, then it wouldn’t be an option.

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Heck of an assumption that the Costco deal has already been done with DeMant.

There’s been a reliable history of the 9030 and the 9040, so I don’t think it’d be a big deal to anticipate the 9050 to be available next. If there has been no history at all, then I’d agree that it’d be a big assumption.


DeMant had been selling the Bernafon hearing aid before the moving to Philips. So there is a long history of providing hearing aids to Costco.

Plus we have seen Philips provide information on the 9050, and when you went to where to buy them, the web site directed you to Costco.


Might well be so, but there was a fair running precedent with the KS10 also.

I’m not saying it won’t happen, but logistically there’s a bigger step this time; step change on model, step change on receivers and step change on chargers. None of which is backwardly compatible. That potentially rolls the dice on the supplier as there’s no continuity from the previous model.

However: it might all be signed and sealed with the Philips 9050.

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True, I don’t live in US.

So your suggestion is Philips Hearlink 9040?

I don’t seem to find them here. Still I’m glad to learn they exist. I will look further.

I see.

For instance, is it possible to get Oticon Intent and Resound One with mold and RIC (RIE/RITE)?

Not a problem.

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