I need urgent help. Phonak Target 7 Software

Hello, i live in Germany. I self fitting my HA since 5 years. I have changed my HA from Oticon to Phonak Paradiese 90. But i do not find a link to download the Phonak Target Software!!! Can anybody help me? Thanks for advance

If you have found a site to download Phonak Target 7.1
will you please share?

Update: Thanks all. Ditto. Would like link for Target 6.x or 7.x software. Thank you in advance. First post, but long time lurker :slight_smile:

I am looking for 7.x as well – have Paradise P90-R…
would appreciate a PM with a link or other… Thanks!

Hi there, could you please send me a link to download Phonak Target 7.1? I appreciate your help :slight_smile: