I just purchased Hearing Aid Batteries sold at Costco

I use 312 size batteries.Costco has there own batteries. They are called Kirkland Batteries. Reading the package, the batteries are made in the USA. The package has a guarantee that the battery meets or exceeds all national brands. If you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund.

I purchased a pack of 40 for 8.99. That averages out to 0.22475 cents per battery. In the past I have paid anywhere from an average of 50 cents to 75 cents per battery.

I am presently testing the performance of the batteries. I usually get @ 5 days use on a battery. If they are as good as the other batteries,then the savings would be more than half my prior costs of batteries.

I will keep updating on using the batteries.

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The Costco batteries work fine, and are cheaper than even the cheapest I used to get on eBay.

Costco batteries are made by Ray O Vac and are one of the best deals out there. My 312’s last about 9 days with taping the holes at night.

I’m very happy with Costco batteries. They last me at least 7 days with my Rexon Quintras. Don’t know how much over 7 days since that’s when I change them. For the price, it works for me.

Are these batteries Merucury free or not? Hopefully mercury free

The container-package reports that the batteries are Mercury-Free. The are made in the USA. The package clearly reports a shelf life date of 7-15-17. There is a complete satisfaction warranty or your money back.

I replaced the batteries for the first time. I got 7 days use on the batteries. That is @ 2 days better than any prior battery. Keep in mind, I wear my aids 19 hours a day. I also use it with a Surflink Blutooth amplifier/phone connection. With that amount of use, 7 days is excellent.