I don't think the Phonak EasyPhone is working right

When EasyPhone is activated with a magnet on a phone, both hearing aids go to full amplification so not only can I hear the phone but I can hear every other sound within a thousand miles since the other hearing aid (the one w/o the phone close) is on full blast too.

My contention is that the other aid should shut off. I talked to the VA audiologist and she said that was normal - which makes the feature useless. Is she right? What good is it to have the non-phone hearing aid on as it just brings in tons of background noise.

If I am right and someone knows the technical setup, please post that info here so I can copy it and take it to her.

Meanwhile, I removed the magnet from the phone so I can hear the caller and not the car down the block.

Your HA may be set for Duophone which will enable you to hear the call in both ears / hearing aids via the T-coil, along with the ambient noise level. The microphone cannot be turned off completely, but it can be set using the iPFG program to reduce the ambient noise level.

You may want to disable Easyphone and use the tactile button instead to get the T-coil program with the use of a magnet as it can be tedious to get the right spot to enable the T-coil.