How to use myPhonak app on desktop computer running Windows 10?

I am new to hearing aids (had a consult with an audiologist this morning, looking at a in-the-canal Phonak model) and wondering if vendors (in general, but specifically Phonak) port their apps to desktops. I have an older iPhone which is not compatible with the Phonak app, but would love to use an app on my desktop instead. I searched the Phonak website and did not find anything (I also submitted a case with their support team), and I searched google. My guess is that Phonak has not made their app available for a PC - if that is true, what can I do to get the app on my PC?

I don’t need any responses that tell me that Phonak does not make/support apps for Windows. :slight_smile:

You probably won’t get any responses, çause they don’t!
But, you can run an android emulator on your windows pc, and run the MyPhonak app in there.
I cannot prove this, but it’s your only shot.
Bluestacks is the one that comes to led me here.


I’m guessing even that’s iffy as I have a Chromebook that supports Android apps. I can find MyPhonak in the Google store but get told that it’s not compatible

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Even if you could get the app to load, I seriously don’t believe you will get your aids to connect to the app.


It’s more trouble than its worth, and you’re right it probably wouldn’t work.
Best bet, go to Best Buy, get a cheap unlocked android, and just use it on wifi for the MyPhonak app, problem solved.

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Hmm… this is sad and frustrating; not a big fan of software that only runs on mobile devices.

I have used bluestack and device emulators before. Not fun. The best one I have come across is the app developer for Macs that runs swifty - you can model just about any iOS. Slow, but passable.

Unfortunately, that’s the trend, since HA’s are being developed for use with smartphones, and the majority of users need the apps on their phones.
Good luck with your endeavor.

Also, people with HAs move around throughout the day. Smartphones stay with them. Laptops not so much. So there’s little incentive for HA manufacturers to deal with Win/MacOS in their software division.

Can you cludge it? Maybe. But to what purpose?

Phonak app wont work even with android emulator because there is no bluetooth function in an emulator. I tried just to be sure.