How to use CaptionCall phone with ReSound Phone Clip+

I am waiting for the pandemic to quiet down a bit for my cochlear implant surgery to take place. Meanwhile I have a pair of loaner Resound Enzo 3D hearing aids. With my audiologist unavailable I am unable to solve some problems using these hearing aids.

I use a caption phone (CaptionCall model 67TB). Captions right now are iffy as so many deaf people are using their phones to connect with friends and family. I would like to supplement the captioning with my poor hearing using my HAs. I have a Resound Phone Clip+ which I understand can be used as a streamer between my HAs and the caption phone. The phone is bluetooth capable and I have successfully paired the phone clip to the caption phone. I have paired the phone clip to the HAs as well, I think. On the caption phone screen I read “Bluetooth ON - paired devices - Hearing Aid Ph - connected” There are options available: disconnect, rename, and forget. I gather there should be an option to connect but I don’t see any.

Is there someone who uses Resound and CaptionCall who can assist me to the point of making a call? I’m obviously missing something. I have contacted CaptionCall support with this problem but they have nothing helpful to offer.

It seems it’s all ready connected, as it says paired, so sound is automatically generated when you make a call or stream music.

Have you got a smartphone so that you can check your settings and that the phoneClip is working as it should.
When connected to your smartphone you will see in Bluetooth settings the screen as follows.

Now make a call or stream music and check that it works.

Did you follow these steps to ensure that you have completed the pairing to your HAs.

Your hearing aids can be paired to the ReSound Phone Clip+ by
pressing the white pairing button hidden under the silver cap on the ReSound Phone Clip+ and then
opening and closing the battery doors on the hearing aids within 20 seconds.
If successful you will get a series of beeps.

Yes, thank you, I did get the beeps indicating success.

I’m somewhat new to hearing with Bluetooth. I’ve been deaf for so long :(. I saw on my phone (Moto G5+) that Bluetooth was enabled but the Phone Clip was not paired to it. So using the online manual for the Phone Clip I successfully paired the phone clip to the phone. I then got the screen you showed above. I successfully called a number that I knew would give me a long menu as a test. Successful. I attempted to play some music on my phone. Also successful. Now back to the caption phone. If I try to make a call I do not get the blue light that indicates Bluetooth is on if I try to make a call. Using the same phone number as for the smart phone test the I can hear something with the volume turned way up. As you know the highest volume on a caption phone will drive a normal hearing person out of the house. So I am not getting the same result as with the smart phone.
Your help is greatly appreciated!

Taking a quick look at the instructions, it looks like the Bluetooth doesn’t come on automatically, you need to touch the Bluetooth icon to get it to switch.

The only other thing you might try is having the phone forget the device and then pair them again. I have found that sometimes that is necessary for Bluetooth because somehow the standard isn’t.