How to upload Audiogram if you do not have the 'My Hearing Test' Option despite trying multiple internet browsers. (Bug in the Forum.)

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I have never had the My Hearing test Option ever so it is making Audiogram Uploading difficult.

I have tried multiple internet browsers on both my iPhone and Laptop and I still do not have it as per people’s suggestions.

In case anyone else does not have it. The link in the post that I linked too, is the only way I have found I can access the Audiogram part.

(The link also shows Screenshots from my previous time showing I do not have the My Hearing test Option.)


I think part of the problem is there appear to be 2 independent login systems. One for site and one for the forum. Most people only have a forum account.

@AbramBaileyAuD what are the benefits of using the website login other than avoiding those annoying pop ups asking you to set one up when you search? If there were othe good hearing aid user forum options those pop ups would encourage me to leave and go elsewhere. It is frustrating for some of us old geezers.

The whole thing is complicated when it doesn’t need to be.

I think the two independent logins is a way for them to keep people accessing their Hearing Tracker website I think?

I’m very tech savvy but couldn’t understand why accessing the Hearing Test part seemed impossible to do.

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An example of where the Hearing Test Option should be.


Why do I not have a Hearing Test Option? I’ve never had one.

Multiple browsers tried on Windows 8, Windows 11, iPhone and an iMac.

While curious that you don’t have that link there and I do, do you not see this up top? Click on Forum and the little pop-down pops out and then click on My Hearing Tests.

No I don’t have it there either.


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There is an easier place. Under the Forum menu at the top of the page, select My Hearing Tests.

I had the same problem. Then I found out I had to go directly to the main page under my login, and click on my profile and it was there.

I hope this helps.


Yes see above post. I don’t have the Hearing Test Option there either.



I don’t seem to have the Hearing Test Option there either.

Seems strange that people have to do things different ways. Seems simpler to have one option for everyone.


What browser and OS are you using? I assume you are logged in to the forum when trying.

I am interested if I can try and duplicate the issue.

I’ve tried Safari, Chrome, Edge, Explorer.

Nothing works!

Tried it on iPhone, iMac, Windows 8 and 11.

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When I last looked I found a complicated way to get there and documented it here. I will need to look and try to find that. I started with my forum login. I do not have a login for the main site.

EDIT: Give this a try.

Look for the ‘expand’ button on the dashboard.

I tried follow info here. And in the pinned older post.

I still don’t see option to add my audiogram. I do get a link to “My hearing tests” in top toolbar. But when clicking on it I just get here:

So, does someone know how to do? Is the feature broken?

(I tried both Firefox and Edge on Win 10)

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The second link worked for me.