How to update Starkey Halo firmware using Starkey Inspire Software?

I am successfully tweaking my Halo hearing aid programming. Thanks for everyone’s help.

One thing my audiologist always did was update the firmware first thing when I went in for an adjustment. I don’t see this option in the Inspire software. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

The “Performance Update” option on the tools menu is grayed out. Is that because there is no firmware update available, or because when you run Starkey Inspire stand-alone there is no access to firmware updates?

Read about Performance Updater. I think it is part of Inspire Help.

Yes, I had reviewed that. It says that when a firmware update is available, it will show it. But what I don’t know is, if I don’t have a starkey account, will it still find the firmware update - or is it grayed out because I have the newest firmware (last update approx 1 year ago - but they are halo so not very new tech, maybe they are not updating anymore).

Are you asking if you don’t have a Starkey account will they punish you? I don’t think so. You would be the first.

Let me explain better:

In the dropdown menu, “performance update” is grayed out. Normally this would indicate my aids are on the newest firmware.

I am asking whether there is a chance that instead of this, the software cannot connect to or download from the firmware repository, because I do not have a Starkey audiology account.

It says “if Inspire identifies that a newer firmware version is available, a Performance Update radio button appears via Get Started or an alert displays to the right of Fitting on the Left Navigation Menu”.

I read that to mean if there is no radio button/no alert then there is no firmware update. You don’t need an account.

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Agree. Unless the software only finds firmware for “authorized” users. I wonder if anyone using inspire with patientbase has successfully updated their firmware?