How to tell what firmware version - Phonak Paradise

Two questions:

  1. How can I see what firmware version is currently loaded (Phonak Paradise 90R) Can’t find it in myPhonak - must be blind…)

  2. What is the latest firmware available and is there a notification anywhere that I can keep an eye on to see when new firmware is available (and what it addresses)

You can’t see it in myPhonak.
Your Audi can read the version with the fitting software. In fact, a new firmware was released a few days ago.
What exactly has been improved is not so obvious though. I didn’t notice any change.

On MyPhonak I have 4.0.3. go to the little lines on the top right then legal, then about the app.
My Audi told me there is a software update, but I need to make an appointment to get MyPhonak app updated at her computer. Can’t be done remotely? I don’t know why but that’s what I will have to do. C

The app in your cell phone could be updated remotely via the app store. If there were a newer one, but 4.0.3 is the latest.

The software (firmware) for your hearing aids needs to be updated by your audi. The fitting tool (Target) and an additional hardware (Noahlin wireless) is needed to do this. These are the same tools your audi uses to tweak your HA.

I did a firmware update to my P70 UP aid and then my phonak app won’t work. I had to go to Google Play store and update the myphonak app.

Are there any new functions or improvements?
Does anyone know something about it?

Didn’t find any noticeable change.
Although I have done all updates including firmware update on the HA’s.
By the way: for the last update of MyPhonak, it is said that the firmware update for the Paradises is supported.