How to replace hearing aid housing

I have a par of Oticon Opn aids, one beeping few times a day for no obvious reason. So, I am planning to purchase a single one, but it is of different colour. So, my question is, how hard is it to replace it, can one do it on his own? Can audiologist do it?
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Looks like they have pins like Phonak’s do. My friend changes her housings all the time with her Phonak’s.

Yes you can do it, take your time and use a anti static mat if you can, those pins are real small and easy to lose.

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Why would your friend “change her housings all the time”? Match her hair color? :smile:

She’s got various colors. She changes them with what her mood is.

She is a she…:kissing_closed_eyes:

Guys, point of my question is not discussion why someone swaps housings, but how to do it. Any links, photos?

Tenkan has explained it well.
I use a cork board pin to push the housing pins out. Once they are out enough, tweezers are used to pull them out.
Good lighting and a magnifying glass is handy. Find all the pins and give it a try. As mentioned, the pins are tiny and easy to lose. Pay attention to what you are doing and where things came from.
Good luck and have fun.

Thank you I think it’s better to leave it the way it is. By the way, what to use , needle?

There are designed tools for the job but us DIY folks seem to find other ways to do things.
I use the colored push pins for cork boards.
There are photos on the forum of people taking aids apart. Recently Markismus took his Bolero aids apart to clean them. Search for “I’ve just upgraded to Phonak Bolero B90”

Don’t worry it’s actually quite easy, see the link, lots of YouTube videos to help you.

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I changed the housings of my M-90’s from Beige to Champagne. Phonak sells the housings separately. I have pics of the process, if I find time I’ll post a DIY of how it’s done.

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Hey that’s good to know, did you buy direct from Phonak or through your audiologist, how much for the kit?

This might help you as well altho it’s Phonak.

No audiologist. I purchased my M-90R’s on eBay from an unbelievably helpful seller in South Korea. $2800 with free shipping including a Phonak TV connector. He said the color he had on hand was Beige, and I didn’t think much of it thinking it was one of Phonak’s “Hair & Skin” colors (Sand Beige), but it turned out to be Phonak’s “Traditional” which to me was the color of my Grandfathers hearing aids and it stood out against my silver white hair and I hated it. So I contacted him about it and he was absolutely wonderful about it and he sent me the Champagne conversion kits plus the OEM Phonak tools (pin tool & one other) to disassemble the HA’s ($50 with free shipping). Probably the best eBay seller I’ve ever dealt with.

Please could you PM me the seller? Thank you. :slight_smile:

Considering this particular eBay seller has been mentioned on HearingTracker several times before, with positive comments, which is why I chose him in the first place, I see no problem in revealing his name here. His eBay user name is:


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Think this is a Oticon OPN 312 battery. Might help you?