How to override existing setting with nhax file? (Resound + Noah Wireless Link)


I just got equipment set up with Noah and Resound software. I am currently trying out Resound Linx Quattro 9. I am just wondering if there is a way I can override the current setting with a .nhax file? If so what is the procedure?

Sorry this is a very basic question but it is a little hard for me to see how this might work… alternatively if there is a manual somewhere I should look at I can also do so!



I think you mean (Noahlink Wireless hearing aid programming device) when you say Noah Wireless Link??

Also, I think you mean ReSound SmatFit fitting software??

The procedure is to connect to your hearing aids, then choose or detect your hearing aid models, and start a fitting session by reading the current settings from within your hearing aids or specifying your hearing loss by entering an audiogram, and then proceed to make fitting adjustments. There is more, but let’s stop there because you need more education.

Hi, this has already been done by my audiologist, I am just really looking into doing adjustments to fine tune so it works with piano music.

What I would like to know is how to export the settings… it seems it is saved to the hearing aid but there is no file I can export? Or if I made mistake can I import the nhax file and override this?

I think you missed the above procedure.

I have already been able to do various adjustments etc… however how do I export the settings after that?
There is no File -> Export anywhere, it is just save and save to some database which I don’t know the name of the database file.

Also, if I made a mistake and want to revert back to changes, how do I do that with an exported file?

Thanks I just got a private message. Just helping out those who might be wondering about this also.

With Resound, once you created a patient profile, it can be exported. It is still not clear how we can revert back to previous settings with Resound fit software. I am guessing we could probably load the database and only save settings on hearing aid and not both hearing aid and database. This way we can probably just load the database and apply the previous change on the hearing aid if things go wrong.

When you create a client in SmartFit, and then start a fitting to make adjustments, and then save those fitting adjustments into the SmartFit database, it is called a session. You can name that session. I don’t use SmartFit?? Some fitting software also allow you to add session notes.

Later, you can revert back to any session by starting with settings from the database/session instead of starting with the hearing aid settings.

One of the first things you would want to do is start a session, make no adjustments, and save the setting to your database as Original Audi Settings.