How to Make Tube Stick in Ear Mold?

My left aid (Phonak Exelia Art Micro with ear mold) makes a clack when exercise my jaw as when eating. I can see the tube end backs out of the ear mold a very tiny amount and when I reseat it the popping stops for a few minutes.

The tube end is long and narrow with little fins on it. It there a right way to make this stay in place and if not what do I need to do?

You might try cleaning the male and female connections with rubbing alcohol, then put them back together. If a little ear wax has gotten on this connection it could slip or even come off in your ear. Been there done that.

Good luck

Thanks for the tip. I tried the alcohol and it didn’t really help.

I called the Audi’s office and the tech said they have a special glue to hold it in that doesn’t damage stuff. So off to see the Audi tech next week.