How to interpret speech recognition results

I got my Audiogram from Costco yesterday and didn’t get to go over all the results. That part that I am trying to understand it what I believe is the speech recognition portion. The results for my right ear are:
SRT 20
WRS1 55
Score 84
MCL 55
UCL 90

I will ask my audi when I go back next week, but would like to know what the different categories stand for.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only person that didn’t know what the initials stood for. I will post next week after I discuss them with my audi, so I can provide the answers for others.

Sorry I meant to respond to this and totally forgot.

SRT = speech reception/recognition threshold. this is the softest level you can clearly hear/understand speech 50% of the time.

WRS= most likely “word recognition” something, not sure what S1 is but the number is most likely the dB level a list of phonetically balanced words were presented at. The Score is the number you got correct at that level.

MCL=most comfortable level. Kinda explains itself. If they used speech it’s usually just one number, if they did it by frequency then those would be listed so I’m guessing they performed the test for speech.

UCL=uncomfortable level. Again pretty self-explanatory. Most likely for speech so it looks like speech (guessing since no frequency information is present) becomes uncomfortably loud at around 90dBHL.


Thank you so very much for the very detailed response. That really helps me to be able to understand the audiogram better. Now I will be able to discuss the results more intelligently with audi next week.

I realized that I left something out of this statement…I have a bit of a cold today and would really just rather be in bed right now…I think my brain still is…lol

It should have read:

The score is the number in percentage that you got correct at that level. so at 55dBHL you got 88% of the words presented correct. Probably missed 3 if they used a 1/2 word list.

sorry about that…

From the excellent description you had given me, I was able to figure that out. Of course it didn’t hurt that in the columns to the right it showed “D” and “%”.:smiley:

I am surprised that the scores weren’t better, especially at 55 DB. That is pretty loud. I thought I got them all right. I guess that is the reason we take hearing tests. :slight_smile:

Thanks for following up. I hope you are feeling better.

Actually 55dBHL isn’t all that loud when you think of normal, conversational speech happening at around 45-50dBHL (averaging). A good think to look at is where your hearing is at 2 & 3KHz, if it’s around the 40-50dB mark I would expect fairly good results…when thresholds start creeping up around those frequencies, that’s when I notice more and more errors. 88% at 55dBHL for someone with a hearing loss is pretty good…I bet the words you got wrong were very close (knife instead of nice for example).

Thanks…I still feel like crap but I’ll pull through…thankfully it’s almost the weekend!

Even though you feel like crap, you made me feel better. Thanks so much.

Thanks for the much needed info! I pick up my Rexton Insite + Powers tomorrow. Haven’t had new HAs in 10 years, hope they help.

google is your friend…

Ha, I actually found that page when I was googling, but it didn’t specifically list my question. My “WRS1” on my audiogram said 95 and score was 20. I was trying to figure out what “95” and “20” represented. If I had looked halfway across the paper there was a tiny dB and %. Not only is my hearing shot, my eyes are going too :D. If I am understanding it right, at 95dB I only got 20 % correct. But thanks for the suggestion :o

Yes it sounds like you have that correct and given the severity of your loss it would make sense with it.