How to get rid of ear infections?

In advance, sorry if there are any gross details here.
Have had hearing aids for about a year now. Tried closed domes, open ventilated domes, 6mm ones which go deep inside, 8mm ones which stay outside – in all combinations, after 2-3 days of wearing the HAs, I get really bad ear infections which take weeks to resolve. I don’t get them at all when not wearing the HAs.
One doctor gave me cortisone+antibacterial drops, which help, but the ENT said they should not be used too often because of the cortisone.
The buildup is… well, disgusting. Not sure if pus or sweat mixed with dead skin or… ugh.

As the doctors don’t know how to help, is there anyone here who was in this situation and found a solution?

My tried and true method is Hydrogen Peroxide. Remove your aids of course. Take a dropper, lie on your side, and fill your ear with hydrogen peroxide. You should feel and hear the bubbling. Lie still for about 3 minutes. Put some tissues over your ear and rotate your head to drain. Repeat for the other ear. I do this about once a month.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. You are responsible for doing your own research.


Members have mentioned allergic reactions to some materials put in your ears. You could be allergic to the domes you are using.

I am a fan of typical rubbing alcohol used on a Q Tip to clean the ear out and also the dome or ear mold.

I am also a fan of hearing aid dryers that have a UV light for sanitizing the aids when not in use.

Good luck


I have noticed a huge difference when I am traveling and I do not have my real hearing aid dryer with me. My ears itch so much more. So now I take my dryer with me even when camping with the camp trailer.


If the infections are fungal infections, you could try applying white vinegar with a Q tip. The vinegar changes the ph balance of the canal and can be quite helpful for fungal issues. Worth a try and really can’t hurt anything. Worse case scenario is you could end up with pickled ear wax.


Here are some posts related to my own experience:

Pharmaceutical grade 2% acetic acid was what I was prescribed for my infection. Cost me $10 co-pay and retail cost $38. A single bottle lasts a long time during treatment at 4 drops per day twice a day in just one ear.

The slight amount of olive oil that I now use on the HA molds just before insertion helps lubricate receiver insertion into ear canal. Basically, be gentle inserting and removing HA’s or as described in articles I cite in links, abrading ear canal skin can be a source of infection. According to articles, sticking Q-tips, fingers, etc., in your ear canals can be bad news, too.


I think the most significant you mention is that you don’t have trouble when not using your aids. I’ve been on the infection roundabout and the only way out for me was micro suction and using ear plugs in the shower.
Best medical advice is don’t put anything in your ear except your elbow.
Peroxide and other stuff was a disaster for me but we’re all different.
Not much use really but I think venting is key to your problem.

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I had a myringotomy tube placed in my ear. Seemed to dot the job.
I don’t know if its out or not, but my ENT said it would come out on its own.

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I’ve had some bad ear infections in the past but after hearing that i was allergic to the aids, I use only anti-allergenic aids in my ears. I still get infected on rare occasion and only use Neomycin-Polymyxin a generic for Maxitrol Clears up very quickly. They will get infected from putting the aids in too quickly after a shower. Ears must be dry. I’ve been guilty of that. There is no cortisone in these drops.

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I too use peroxide (HO). There are some gentler OTC peroxide based liquids, and I tried one, but it didn’t seem any better.

I lay on my side, fill an eye dropper with the HO and fill my ear up. I lay on my side for up to 5 minutes while it bubbles away then I press a white cloth against my ear and drain it into the cloth. I use white because HG can bleach things.


Thank you for the good ideas.
Went to the hearing aid shop yesterday, when I asked for a hearing aid dryer they gave me two empty plastic containers. Will need to shop around some more :slight_smile:

You could also try a switch to a hard acrylic slim tip mould with an open vent, as big as possible to keep air flowing into the canal. Some people have an alergic reaction to the silicone dome tips.

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