How to evaluate Costco audiologist

I understand that overall Costco is a great option for those of us on a tight budget, but the skill level of the audiologists can vary. There are two costco’s near me. I want to go to the one with the best audiologist. One that takes enough time, accurately does a real ear measurement, and correctly adjusts my fitting for the real ear results. How would I determine which costco to go to?

I have 2 Costco’s equidistant from me. During the shut down I had the opportunity to talk by phone with one. We had a very long discussion and he was amazing so I chose to go to him. Perhaps your city is not in lockdown so I would suggest that you make an appointment and visit one of them and you should be able to get a good feeling of how they could work with you. Then maybe go to the other one and by those two visits you should be able to ascertain which one you are most comfortable with and who will give you the best service.

Never be shy that you might be pitting one against the other. They are your ears and you have to be comfortable with whom ever you choose. The visits need only to be a short introduction. You should be able to tell much just from that.

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If I remember correctly all Costco fitters and Audis are required to do REM.

They are! But what they do with the REM data to adjust your fitting is the part that gets tricky. The guy addresses it in that video.

After selling my practice and then consulting for a major manufacturer, I got the opportunity to see many different practices around the US. I am sad to say that most did not even use Real Ear equipment. But of the few that did, what I saw appalled me. They did Real Ear, but did not have a clue as to what they were supposed to do and adjust. Real Ear is fantastic, but as Dr. Cliff says, unless you know what you are doing the Real Ear tests are just an exercise in futility. I started using Real Ear in the mid 1980’s and have been a believer ever since. The caveat is that you must know what you are doing.


Some are Audiologists some are Hearing Aid Specialists. Mine is a certified Hearing Aid Specialist and he is very thorough, courteous, and professional. I have the upmost confidence in him. The hearing test is always complete and about an hour long each time I have one. They have the latest equipment available.

My CostCo has 3 people working there. The Manager is fantastic and the one I request. One of the others I have not seen, so no comment. The other is a complete waste of time and does NOT do REM. So as of Nov 2019, it was NOT required at all CostCos.

I saw that person first. I called to change my next appt and got the Manager, so I did get proper fitting when I picked up my new set of hearing aids. At one point, she said, “lots of experienced users don’t really like working with x.” (X being the name of the first one I saw) Hmm, wonder why! Could it be because we know what to expect, and don’t like it when we get short shift? Both the Manager and X have been working there since this particular CostCo opened, more than 28 years ago.

For @Rev_Hugh all I can suggest is make an appt and go in, if you don’t ‘click’ with the person, make your next appt with a different person and give that one a try.

Thanks. My nearby costco (thought I had two but only have one) is booked until October. They suggested a costco an hour away, and I am booked for next week. I asked them if I could be fitted and sent home with a set of KS9s in the initial visit. They said they don’t normally do that but they are willing to probably do it. If I want the KS9 with telecoil though I’d have to come back, because they are not carried in stock.

When I got my first set of hearing aids programmed (they were a gift, used), I read up a bit on hearing aids first, and asked the specialist (who I paid $300 to program them) if she did a real ear measurement to verify the settings. She said, “oh yes, I just did that”. Now I know she absolutely did not. It’s a shady world out there.

HIS all they do is program aids and are generally better than most AuDs about the software.