How to download programs to Jabra app

Does anyone on this forum know how to add programs (“restaurant “, “all-around”, etc.) to the Jabra app. I have the Costco Jabra Enhance Pro.

Do you have any of these programs loaded into your hearing aids? If you don’t, then have the HCP at Costco load up to four of them.


Yes, my Costco person says there is no need to do that, that the different programs are redundant and all do the same thing. I thought it would be easier if I could just download them myself and try them without going through Costco. At one tome I had all-around, front, and restaurant on the app but somehow all I have now is all-around and noise suppression.

The main advantage is to having multiple programs is that you can adjust the hearing aid for that particular environment.

For example, in an outdoor setting you may want to have less directional and more 360 degree sounds coming in. In a restaurant setting, you may want to tighten the directional focus to concentrate on the sounds coming in front of you and block the sound coming from behind.

Anyhow, I think I would concentrate on the hearing in noise program and have your Costco HCP set three programs with directionality setting to “autoscope adaptive directionality” and then have them set the autoscope setting in one program to “autoscope”; the second program set to “narrow”; and third set to “medium”. Then go to a crowed restaurant and test the three programs to see which one works for you.

Once you have the all-around and hearing in noise programs dialed in, you can concentrate on the outdoors and music programs.

There’s a lot of different adjustments to these hearing aids. If you feel up to it, you might go to the DIY forum and ask for the Resound hearing aid fitting program. From there you can set the program to a simulation mode using the Nexia 9 as the hearing aid, and you can see what adjustments are available for your Jabra 20.

Your Costco tech is not giving you correct info! The programs definitely operate in different ways. My Outdoor program (Jabra), for example, gives MUCH better pickup when walking/talking outside with a friend!
AND, by the way, a 5th slot can be added for your external mic (ReSound’s MultiMic) which works with the Jabra.

What is the MultiMic program? One of my huge frustrations with the Jabra HAs is getting solid information. Their instructional literature is terrible, out of date, and refers to other audio products.

Where do I find the DIY forum??

The Multi-Mic is a separate gadget, an external microphone, that allows a range of extra functions that can be quite helpful. It ranges from about $75-200 on eBay or Amazon, depending on whether “used”. Some people have gotten v. good deals on buying one online, used. They can be great if you need to operate in very large rooms (auditorium/church), restaurants, or walking with a friend. They are compatible with almost all ReSound/Jabra products and have a lot of uses!

Sounds like that person was justbto lazy to add the programs.

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You would need a Noahlink Wireless device (about $100 or so on ebay) and the Resound/Jabra software (free on this site).
Or just ask for another Costco rep because that is a ridiculous reply he said about not needing additional programs. They are your aids, not his. Demand to try them. Personally after dailing in my All Around program i dont have much use for the others. Even the MultiMic and MiniMic have so many disadvantages that i found them to be rarely helpful for me. But i still like the advantage of having the option to change programs at will.

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Actually, you can have 4 programs, plus 2 devices. I have 4 programs plus my TV streamer and my MultiMic. The last slot also shows both my MultiMic and my MicroMic, and it will switch to whatever one i am using.

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