How to create trial Genie 2 programs w/o losing audi's original?

You have misunderstand my (won’t stand for it) comment. Newbies can do whatever they want. It’s not my job to police them. My job, (if I choose to accept it :wink:) is to prevent our anserBots from giving bad advice to newbies.

Suggestion: Youse guys should stop making up stories about what my motives are. Policing newbies? Wow, that’s pretty far fetched. Do you get it yet? I’m not policing newbies. I am policing our anserBots.

How do you know? I do. I know other DIYers that do.

You speaking in the 2nd or 3rd person now?

We’re really sorry that you can’t understand.

Ha ha , what a crack up, nobody cares if you “stand for it” or not,

Who said we shouldn’t do this, oh that’s right, you were talking in the 2nd person mode again.

To dam right it’s not your job (thank god), to bad you seem to think it is tho, this is why it’s important to stop the “bad advice” being given as “only I know what’s best”

Holy cow mate, this is definitely serious.

Narcissistic personality disorder

We have reached the sentence-by-sentence ludicrous stage. I rest my case :yum: for now anyway

DIYr in search of Genie 2, My copy crashed and Oticon has changed their policy re software. Can anyone help locate a copy?

Welcome to the forum, Sure no problem, hopefully you’ll be up and running in no time.

Many thanks - from me and my ears