How to connect bluetooth transmitter to hearing aid via streamlinemic/connect clip?


suppose we have bluetooth transmitter personal computer and HA with streamlinemic(signia) or connect clip(oticon) is possible to connect and transfer audio to HA ?


Sure. Just pair and connect your connect clip to the transmitting device.


is normal if with transmitter start to stream after some seconds and no leg in lips and voice but seldom disconnect or restart while connected to streamline mic I have old pc hence going for this route.


You make no sense @parth_p


I am unable to understand what you want to teach me . Say clearly and full


Do you have a USB bluetooth dongle you could try? It is not unusual to have a lag between lips and voice. Some Bluetooth transmitters are better than others. I use an Avantree with some success, although with a little lag. The hearing aid Bluetooth devices do not have aptx so there will be some lag. They should stay connected though, if you stay in range.


I have BT transmitter without aptx you are correct .next time I will buy with aptx thanx for quick reply.


But, the hearing aid devices do not use aptx and it has to be aptx on both sides for no lag. The hearing aid companies want you to buy their TV transmitter for no lag.


I use my Phonak Roger for TV use and I get no lag. It’s very good.