How to choose philips and Jabra in costco

I’m about to get my first official hearing aid.

But I have difficulty choosing. The staff at costco recommended me two models

Option - philips 9030

Option - Jabra pro10

(I know the latest versions are 9040 and pro20, but they are not available at the local costco.)

How do I choose, I was told my hearing loss, both of these devices are suitable.

Ask everyone for their opinion

thank you.

You need to trial them yourself, only you will know which is best for you, also for your reference the Rexton (Signia) are also available from Costco, these are just as good as any of others.

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I think both the Philips 9040 and the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 are both already available at many Costco. The Philips 9040 has 2 notably new features compared to the 9030, and they are the sudden sound stabilizer and the wind & handling stabilizer. I’m not too familiar with the differences between the Jabra Pro 10 and 20 so I’ll refrain on commenting on those.

If I were you, I would ask your Costco when those 2 new versions will be available to see if you can wait or not. If not, then if you decide to trial both, then pick one first and try it out until the new version of the other one becomes available. At least you’ll get to try out 1 of the 2 new versions of one of those 2 brands.

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I also tried Rexton, but I don’t like Signia (personal bias, doesn’t mean the product is bad)

Thank you for your advice.

The staff told me that the jabra pro10 was up to date. The philips 9030 has been around for quite some time

As for the latest model, they don’t know when it will be available locally.

During this time, I have checked many forum posts, and most of them are recommended by philips and jabra

I’m leaning toward the 9040, but they’re not out yet.

Yeah we all have our favourites, personality i don’t bother with Oticon/ Phillips, they have a different way of processing that doesn’t suit everyone,ReSound (Jabra)is another favourite and quite popular as you’ve noticed, do the trial period and see for yourself which you like, but it’s strange about this particular Costco outlet stating they don’t have and don’t know when they are getting them, as they have been released, are you in USA?

oh, I live in China

As a result, costco’s product updates on our side are not as fast as in the United States.

As a bonus, Sam’s club is more popular than Costco in China

Oh that’s interesting, didn’t know Costco and Sams club had centres in China.

Haha,They already have a lot of stores in China

it’s more popular in China’s tier 1 cities (like those big cities)

I plan to return to costco soon to see if I can get some more advice and experience.

Yeah going back to Costco and try to get them to give a release date, hopefully they’ll be more forthcoming.

Your best bet is to try both in the store and choose whichever seems best. They’ll do an initial fitting for both aids, and the better sounding one is likely to be the better choice for you.

I chose between the 9030, which I used for 10 days, and the Pro 10s. I thought the Pro 10s were better in that voices seemed sharper, clearer, and easier to understand. But your experience is likely to be different.

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Yeah, it’s different for everyone

I have searched most of the relevant replies in the past few days

Some people think Philips is better, some people think jabra is better

I decided to give it another try and I was leaning towards Jabra because the pro10 is newer than the 9030.

Newer may be more advanced