How to change receiver in Inspire software for Starkey Livio

My right receiver died on my Livio 2400s. I have a working receiver of the same snap fit type from my previous pair, but they are 50’s instead of 40s. I can’t find the place in the starkey inspire software to change the receiver strength. Can anyone help me?

Yes, there is a huge difference, the 50 is much louder.

I found it though, under Quick Fit - Acoustic Options. I changed the right from 40 to 50 and it lowered the output but not quite enough. I’ll need to tweak it yet.

Ok that’s good,it seems I misunderstood what you were actually asking! but yes you’ll need to make a few changes if you want it to sound like your older 40 receiver.

Good luck

Well it turns out my whole right aid is in bad shape. It connects to bluetooth but the aid is not putting out any sound. Going to be a bad week.

Oh no, nothing worse than that, so is that just when using bluetooth streaming, or even with normal use as well.