How to buy a mini Pro (USB 2.0 Hearing Aid Programmer)


We will beat any price, so it would include anything and everything a competitor includes.


Agreed! Don’t pay for software. To clarify I wasn’t offering to sell it, I was offering to give it away to anyone that wants it.


I got an email reply from them today from my inquiry and later on got the shipping email notice. So it’s on its way. Wonder if I didn’t email to inquire whether they would have shipped out to me today yet or not. Looks like the squeaky wheel gets the grease.


Good news Volusiano. Glad you got it all sorted.

The other guy still seems only willing to answer in generalities…not specifics. So I’m fine with the Buyhear purchase. Or I could have waited. But whatever.
Unfortunately it looks like I won’t be able to get fiddling with things until later in the month due to the delay they had in getting stock. Long story you don’t need me to bore you with. Oh well.


Good news! How many days did you wait till the initial email? I’m still waiting for my shipping confirmation from either Mark at BuyHear or from BuyHear overall


I ordered on 9/5 and inquired them twice via email for the status. The first time was a couple of weeks ago and they replied within 1 day on the status (still waiting). The second time was just last night on why they hadn’t shipped yet and today I got a reply and they took action to ship out.

I assume that you must have placed your order even before I did. So if you still haven’t heard from them, I’d suggest you email them again asap. They seem to have a pattern of not taking prompt action unless you bug them.


I agree here. I wouldn’t wait. If they answer in general like that, even if they get the MiniPro in (if they had even ordered them already), how do you know if they have the right cables that you need if they can’t even tell you specifically if they have the cables in stock. Then more waiting…


Of course the caveat of the Buyhear deal is that we’ll see what comes in the box. Abarsanti was a client and he got the better deal and I’m assuming he got everything proper. I think TRY had to wait along with the rest of us but lucky him he apparently got the deal. Haven’t heard from him in a while :slight_smile: And we had to wait for Buyhear to get their stock too.
But so far so good. Not so much with the other guy…still.


Still $222.01 on Aliexpress not Alibaba.


Interesting that there’s another seller on there currently at $219.50 with free shipping.
But yes the Buyhear deal is superior when you factor in the required cables which is why I went for it.


I ordered a Hi-pro from Aliexpress on Thursday the 28th for $199 plus shipping. It was shipped on Friday the 29th and I received it exactly one week later on Friday Oct 6th. What amazed me is that it was still in Hong Kong on Wednesday and I had it in my hands 2 days later in Michigan.
Now, I’m all set.


Apparently my package has arrived but I won’t be able to see and try it until the end of the month.

How about you guys…Volusiano, gkumar, TRY?

RussF: That is amazing delivery speed. I’m into 7 weeks now and still waiting for a package from China. I recently waited 3 months. It’s infuriating. It’s not the sender either.


My package just came today. I’ve been able to get everything up and running and working! Special thanks to @pvc for his PM help with suggestions initially when I got stuck due to the com port issue. Basically the MiniPro has to be between com port 1 to 4 or else the Genie 2 software won’t see it. Mine was assigned to com port 6 and I had to go to the device manager and change the Hi-Pro com port assignment to 1 and then it was found by Genie 2.

I was able to set up 2 programs, one for my set of 105dB receivers and the other for my set of 85dB receivers, under 2 different users. I made a mistake of adding a few mask values from the audiogram and it messed things up but after removing it and just have the AC and BC values then it works out great!

I must say that this self programming experience is SO MUCH better than having to rely on my audi to do it for me. Genie 2 is also very easy to use, with the online help to guide you through the options. In hindsight to everything, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy HAs online in the future and do my own programming in a heartbeat. This should be the way of the future.


That’s a great report Volusiano. Really looking forward to getting into the programming.
So the cables…were they red and blue or just plain? Just curious. Of course it doesn’t really matter.
Have you found yet that you’ve been able to improve detail from what the audi last left you with?
Interesting about the mask values.


The CS44 cables were red and blue at the connector end. The Flex Connect cables look the same. I struggled a little bit with which way to connect the 2 together because they’re so small and fragile and I can’t see the connectors very clearly even with reading glasses, and I didn’t want to force it unless I know I had them lined up right. But I looked it up and found an example. Basically you need to line them up so that the tail of the CS44 connector and the tail of the FlexConnect are at 180 degrees.

Yes, I mentioned that I created a new user profile from scratch for my set of 85dB receivers (I’m wearing them now instead of my 105dB receivers just to see how they compare). Originally in the fitting with my audi, for some reason she had to run the feedback analyzer and enabled it because I experienced feedback. But this time I didn’t have to and still have no feedback. There were some settings I was not aware of like to increase the bass on the receiver for Phone and TV streaming mode, which she never mentioned to me.

Also in the original fitting with the audi, for some reason I experienced distortion on the high ends on my right HA (with the HF profound loss) on the 85dB receivers before but now I don’t with the default, don’t know why. Bottom line is my audi had to do fine tuning on the volume balance and a bunch of volume adjustments at a few frequencies before until I was happy. But now everything seems to work just fine and actually better at default without much fiddling around. So it’s kind of the opposite of the process. Normally you’d expect to fiddle around after the audi’s default programming, but in my case the audi’s fiddling made it worse and I put it back to default and it was better. But nevertheless, in the end I’m happier with my own setting than the one the audi had for me. It also goes to show how easy the Genie 2 programming software is that it seems to work well right off the bat without much fiddling around. But I’ll still fiddle around with the options because I’m sure I’ll want to change this and that.

As for the mask values, below is my audiogram. If you noticed on the right ear, it has a couple of values (40 and 60) in the Mask Oppos field, whatever that means. The Genie 2 audiogram template has the AC and BC and below it is “m” field. I assumed that it was the same as the “mask oppos” field so I entered in those 2 values. But it totally messed up the simulated insertion gain. So I removed those 2 values from the Genie 2 audiogram and everything start looking and working much better.


They have red dots for visual alignment. They also have cutout sections for physical alignment. Scroll down to the closeup pictures in Programming the Oticon Alta Pro miniRITE But yeah, they are miniaturized!


Yes, thanks to that exact picture you mentioned in the thread which I found, I was able to connect them with confidence. I kinda knew they had the cutout section and visual cue for alignment but for the life of my eyesight I could not pick up these visual cues even with my reading glasses.


The FlexConnect contact end seems bent out of shape a little bit after a session with a number of connections. Hope they’re not too fragile and still work fine after several connections despite being bent out of shape.


Thanks for the great detailed experience Volusiano.
I use readers too but for close-up small detailed work I use +4 power readers. I’ve not seen any stronger readers than that.
At least hearingclub or whatever they’re called has the flex cables for $20.


That little bump on the FlexConnect at the end of the 3 contact strips, does it line up with any kind of indentation inside the battery door, I wonder? I just pushed the Flex cable as far in as I could. But usually in the process of closing the battery door, you have to kind of use both hands sometimes to do it and the Flex cable may slip out a little bit. So it makes me wonder if the purpose of the bump to help the cable stay in place somehow.