How to buy a mini Pro (USB 2.0 Hearing Aid Programmer)

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How to buy a mini Pro - USB 2.0 Hearing Aid Programmer

Looks like the Summer Promo has ended and the price is $299 again.

It’s funny, the Summer Promo words are still there,
SUMMER PROMOTION (May.6th-Jun.6th)
Original Price: USD299/pc
Promtion Price: usd209/pc

But the price in your cart is $299.

Date Line?

SUMMER PROMOTION (May.6th-Jun.6th)

well yesterday was the 7th!

The asshat was bumping his own thread again to keep it at the top of the page because his fragile ego needs constant attention.

People calling names are more often describing themselves. You’ve made your view well known; give it a rest.

Well since we’re all piling in waiting for the OP to wrap this thread up and create a new one…I took post #4 as a fun little sarcastic poke in the ribs at the OP that maybe his prior post needed some in-depth news investigation at the detail problem with the price change. All in good fun of course. I had a chuckle anyway.

Now the mini pro is $240 until the 23rd. I wonder if they’ll do some kind of super duper special come black Friday cyber Monday kind of thing? Not that I want to wait that long.

Thanks, since the price is still fluctuating I added dates along with prices the OP/Original post.

But they know where a substantial number of customers are with the money and capability and luxury of time to want one. I would also say that those American consumer events would be known and used worldwide to serve the American consumer. I remember looking for VPN services and many of the international ones had deals at those times.

Edit: So I used cyber monday as a keyword search on there and indeed they do have items that are being promoted as such. They seem to be still ongoing ?? but whatever.

I just looked and found it for $199.50.

SUMMER PROMOTION !!!Digital Hearing Aid Programmer miniPRO USB Compatible with All Hearing Aids ,Functioned as Hi-Pro Hipro USBUS $199.50 / pieceFree Shipping

mini Pro price changed to @$208

It’s crazy how volatile the prices have been. FYI ebay seems to have it too?

No the mini Pro is not on EBay.

NOTE that you may indeed see mini PRO’s listed on EBay from Chinese sellers. Read this fairy tale,
Once upon a time there was only the Serial Hi-Pro/old-junk and the USB Hi-Pro (USB 1.1)
Then there was a flood of Chinese USB Hi-Pro (USB 1.1).
Recently GN launched an aggressive take-down of Internet sales of Chinese Hi Pros.
At this point no one can use the name “Hi Pro” and sell the Chinese USB Hi-Pro (USB 1.1)

Then along came the USB mini Pro (USB 2.0). Tada! A new King is born.
Now, Chinese sellers are re-naming their USB Hi-Pro (USB 1.1) as a USB mini Pro to avoid infringement.
Don’t get tricked into buying the Chinese USB Hi-Pro (USB 1.1). Get the USB mini Pro (USB 2.0) instead. It’s cheaper too.
The Chinese USB Hi-Pro (USB 1.1) is not a mini Pro

Thank you for clarifying. Appreciate your insights! Seems that the mini Pro is also USB 2.0 speed (left) rather than 1.0 speed (right) too, decreasing the value proposition of the right picture.

Actually I do see minipro on ebay now. A little higher prices, but at least from pic seems to be minipro

Thanks, they are on EBay for $219 (from Fujian Province, China). The third picture is somewhat confusing?? Also, the seller has zero feedback entries. I would still go with the Aliexpress seller for $208.

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$175 to BUYHEAR.COM yielded me a MiniPro with all needed cables for my Oticon OPN1s and a USB3 hub, which some people need but I don’t. Customer service and tech support was very good and very friendly, completely satisfying this old buyer with that old “the customer is always right” attitude. Good work, Buyhear boys.

The MiniPro works fine with my Genie2-2017.1 build 3.315.181.6 software.

Now if I can’t find a good topic in the Oticon section on using Genie2 (on which my dispenser is clueless), I’ll have to start one.

I got the same deal from BuyHear and have successfully programmed my aids/upgraded the FW. Check out the free course from Audiology Online on how to navigate Genie 2.

Also some good general tips from Oticon (not necessarily OPN):

I did not buy my OPNs from BUYHEAR, but I did mention to them that Abarsanti recently posted the $175 price, and they said OK.

I bought my aids from the only company that my insurance recognizes in all of the Houston area. That chain dispenser is a division of Starkey. $9250 with 3 years of warranty, service, and unlimited adjustments—the only way they would sell them! But they do not really know OPNs or the software, and now they are implying I come in too often and stay too long and correct too many of their errors. Thus, the Genie2 and MiniPro.

I’m new (5 mns, now) to HAs. I’ve viewed many of those Oticon videos and taken free online courses, elsewhere. I’ve read and am still reading Oticon and other white papers. I’ve spent hours on Oticon’s site and a lot of time learning Genie2. But there are great gaps in my knowledge regarding what works when.

I’m not trying to get a full and free audilogy education as my dispenser accused, but perhaps you and Abarsanti and Volusiana, and and some of the other deans of DYI’ers with OPNs will serve as my advisory committee now that I have matriculated into this academy. Maybe some day if I work hard I’ll get a Hearing Aid Forum certificate of completion for online Q&A of Genie2 with MiniPro. I’m sure to hit you up soon with some sincerey query.

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